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OR notes[edit]

I went along to St. Paul's this morning to see the protests for myself. Here are the notes I took in rough bullet point form...

  • 30 or so City of London police
  • "tomorrow we will be occupying universities and colleges"
  • 30-50 people
  • a trade union rep: Balfour Beatty - 5% pay rise for director
  • Socialist Worker
  • "Workers and young people" "divide and spread them apart"
  • Nov 5 Jarrow
  • Nov 30 3m public sector strike - solidarity w/ pvt [private] sector workers
  • "The London Stock Exchange: Britain's Biggest Casino"
  • 9:39 [time check]
  • Dale Farm
  • Unison secretary at Queen Mary U suspended
  • Anonymous flag flying
  • 9.45 music starts reggae etc.

If the story hasn't been published by about 2pm GMT+1 I will return and do some more reporting and add it on the train home at about 5pm.

The camera I usually use has no battery left, so I had to use my phone which has a really naff camera - not good enough for reusing the images, so I've left the photos from Commons as illustration, but I've put the photos up on my Dropbox account for verification. You can see them here. —Tom Morris (talk) 10:19, 19 October 2011 (UTC)[reply]

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