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OR sources[edit]

  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign web page, which links to...
  • Facebook event page: BOYCOTT THE ISRAEL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA AT THE BBC PROMS. On there, is this post...
  • Bag searches to deter Proms protesters, which has this comment by "Pixie Ní HEactigeirn":
    D: LMFAO! They can't gag you, so you can still shout and interrupt it! =D Just co-ordinate yourselves, but do not rely on texts etc because they will most likely block mobile communications. Maybe set watches or reminders in phones to the same times, then you are at least prepared when one of you jump up to interrupt, and then the chorus of you can join in! Get the external protesters to wriggle their way to staff/back stage entrances as hungry fans! Wear a load of Christian crosses and start of davids....and/or women cover your hair 'jewish style' with long veil bandanas etc. GO FORTH AND GIVE THEM A GOOD BOLICKIN'!

{{Original reporting}}[edit]

If the article contains OR (which it pretty obviously does), it needs to say so in the Sources section. We generally use {{Original reporting}}. --Pi zero (talk) 04:21, 3 September 2011 (UTC)[reply]

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