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Review of revision 4399327 [Passed][edit]

VKontakte nomenclature[edit]

  • The license agreement,, states up-front that the LLC is "V Kontakte", the social network is known as "VKontakte", and it is hosted at
  • They're clearly branding themselves, on their pages, as "VK".

This article, and one previous article in our archives, adhere to this nomenclature. This article refers to "social network VKontakte", and notes parenthentically "(VK)" which, while one might argue it's unnecessary, is what they're branding themselves as. If somebody wants us to remove the parenthetical, I have no objection. The previous article, "Russia asks Facebook to comply with personal data policy", refers to "website[...]".

For my part, I don't see a need for further discussion on the matter, since we're fully in line with the license and the sources. However, if there is to be any further discussion, I would ask that we keep it impersonal and directed to this particular case (there is no reason whatever for drama over this, both because we can discuss it without drama, and because it isn't worth getting dramatic about). --Pi zero (talk) 19:57, 17 April 2018 (UTC)Reply