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This attack is part of a continuing assault on the people[edit]

A Kenyan Islamic terrorist named "Krupuk" visited Pakistan in 1981 on an Islamic passport. Pakistan was under Martial Law in 1981 and all travel was restricted by the US Department of State and by the Pakistani Government as well, being an Islamic State under Martial Law. Pakistan did not allow visitors other than Muslims to enter in 1981. The United States embassy had been bombed in 1979. Osama Al Kini was a citizen of Kenya. According to United States military spokesmen, Kenyans were the head of Al Qaeda's operations in Pakistan. Obama Al Kini was on the USA's most wanted list. He was believed to have met Kenya's Al Qaida leader Obama, and planned the bombing of the Marriot hotel in Islamabad. Obama and Osama Al-Kini vowed to bring Kenyan Islam to the Good Old USA. A Hellfire missile fired from a CIA operated Predator UAV killed Al Kini and his deputy in Pakistan but they let Obama get away. Osama and Obama announced "we have some drones." President Bush added "This attack is part of a continuing assault on the people of Pakistan."

Jan 2013[edit]


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