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journalist notes[edit]

I attended this in person. Rather than risk stupidity with attaching loads of documents that are corrupt, I just linked to the online results. I found it hard to get enthusiastic about this race to write up a more detailed article. :/ Motivation yesterday just did not exist. :( The race starts are staggered and factored, and none of this was mentioned anywhere really. The medal ceremonies are completely disconnected from the event, taking place later in the day away from the ski field. The start temp for the start of the men's race was 11C and 12C for the women's race. The snow conditions looked pretty awful. The staggered race start meant that on the women's side, the winner for me appeared to come as a complete surprise because she was one of the last skiers to start, when she finished her spot at the marker where they did announcements, everyone else was pretty much on to the next one and the speaker was following that. The men's being swept by Russia was also blah. (The organizational set up just feels kindof meh? and it is getting in the way of doing reporting. There was no place at this venue to actually write. The media section had lots of spectators, encouraged by the cameras to be there and the press person did not keep them out. There was no power for people to plug in and no tables. The media room was pretty much 95% standing and had few tables, papers in a place that some one was always standing in front of.) --LauraHale (talk) 01:44, 10 March 2014 (UTC)

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