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Assistance requested


Hi. I speak very little Spanish. I cannot translate/transcribe this article well enough given my poor Spanish. Can people please assist in transcribing/translating the audio to get this ready for publication on English and Spanish Wikinews?

Journalist notes


This was made fresh by including the references to performance so far. It was transcribed and translated by Raystorm. It uses the same notes at the other two interviews in the series. She said that there is a false friendly word in English/Spanish where Font says proof in English but she means race. Proof is actually probably a modification of prueba.

The following are some of the ones with Spanish answers:

Deborah Font: I did special training with a coach that only trains three or four of us at the High Performance Centre. ((es))Spanish language: ‍Entrenamos con entrenador especial que por ejemplo él solo nos entrena a tres o cuatro paralímpicos, en el Centro de Alto Rendimiento pero con un entrenador especial que nos sigue a diario y que nos lo hace especialmente para nosotros.
Deborah Font: Well, in swimming it's all technique and a lot of learning, and learning to swim by the middle of the lane involves a lot of training, habit... Perhaps it's more difficult for completely blind people, but it's all a matter of training, trying again and again, get to know the swimming pool... But I think the most difficult thing is to learn to swim the technique without being able to see the others,and to know what you are moving, your arm here and not there... and learning to touch the wall, it's harder to calculate, especially when competing, because you cannot see the distance you have to the wall. ((es))Spanish language: ‍Bueno, para nadar casi todo es técnica y mucho aprendizaje, y para nadar recto en la calle es por entrenamiento, por costumbre, por... quizás es más dicifil cuando se es ciego total ir por el medio justo, pero bueno todo está entrenado, es a base de entrenar, intentarlo, conocerte la piscina... Pero creo que lo más dificil es aprender a nadar la técnica sin ver a los demás, y saber lo que estás moviendo, el brazo, y si lo pones aquí, no lo pones aquí, pues eso sí, y llegar a la pared también, es como más dificil de calcular, sobre todo en competición, que no ves la pared a la distancia que estás.

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Review of revision 1971006 [Passed]


Rats. I was hoping if the picture were above the audio, FB would pick up the picture; but no. --Pi zero (talk) 00:27, 15 August 2013 (UTC)Reply