Thai election rerun likely in November

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Following on from the April 2 snap-election, the Thai News Agency is reporting that current caretaker PM, Thaksin Shinawatra expects the new election to be held in November.

April's snap-election followed months of building criticism and protests and was apparently called by the beleaguered PM to renew his mandate. This effort was derailed by mass-protests calling for his resignation and an opposition boycott that left Thai Rak Thai the only credible contender in the election where over 10 million people chose to abstain.

Irregularities led to the annulment of the April 2 results, and the eventual removal of the country's election commission, Friday saw the Thai Senate appoint a new election commission. With the likely date of them assuming their duties being only a month prior to the currently scheduled October 15 election rerun, the senate anticipated a delay of a month would be requested.

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