Three killed during Hezbollah-led protest

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 File:Flag of Hezbollah.svg

Flag of Hezbollah
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Hezbollah-led protesters took to the streets to block all major highways throughout Lebanon. This was a result of the country's Prime Minister not meeting his opposition's demand to abdicate. They burnt tires and cars in and around the capital, Beirut enforcing a general strike called for by Hassan Nasrallah.

Thousands of police and troops were deployed across the country. They worked together in opening roads, negotiating with some of the protesters, but refrained from using force.

The riots and clashes left three dead, including two bodyguards for former Member of Parliament, Fares Soaid, who is also a member of Lebanon's March 14 majority. Over a hundred and thirty other people were injured. Clean up operations were on their way, while the Internal Security Forces (ISF) imposed a curfew.