Turkish planes bomb PKK targets in northern Iraq

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Thursday, July 24, 2008 File:December 2007 bombing of northern Iraq.jpg

A Turkish aircraft on an attack mission during the December 2007 bombing of northern Iraq.
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Turkey's military said in a statement posted on their website that warplanes bombed thirteen Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets overnight in northern Iraq.

In what the statement termed an "intensive strike," Turkey targeted PKK hideouts along the Turkish frontier which is known as a major stronghold for the PKK. The statement claimed, "All thirteen targets were successfully hit," though there were no estimates on casualties, they were said to be forthcoming.

"Operations as part of the fight against terrorism will continue with determination both at home and abroad," said the military's press release. Turkish planes have been bombing northern Iraq intermittently since December 16. Just last February 240 militants were killed and dozens of PKK hideouts and camps were destroyed when the army conducted a ground offensive against the PKK bases in the region.

Ahmed Danis, PKK, told Agence France-Press by phone: "The bombing lasted until midnight. The PKK forces have not suffered any casualties, because we have taken all the necessary precautions to reduce our losses."

The Turkish Armed Forces have a one year authorization for cross-border military action against the PKK, which expires in October.


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