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Latest Information on User:Anonymous101

  • With the help of Google Reader I have generated this tool which shows you a recent press release . It might be good for story ideas. Please do not just click on the link for no reason, it will put it to the back of the queue for others reading it.
  • I am currently translating an interview from Italian to English.
  • Hi again, User page readers, you may have noticed my 2 recent interviews, with Anthony Maki and a Wikileaks representative. Anyway, I have good news and bad news. Firstly, the bad news, my camera has broken just 2 days before the protests by Anonymous. And the second piece of bad news is that I haven't been able to write an article today. Now for the good news, I have secured an interview (you'll see who it is with tomorrow). my second piece of good news is that I am covering the protests by Anonymous.
  • MY DUAL PD DOES NOT APPLY TO EDITS AFTER THIS MESSAGE WAS WRITTEN --Anonymous101 Talk 06:10, 28 February 2008 (UTC)
  • Want to see a random user page. Well, here are some -

  • English FA Cup news: February 16, 2008 contains my fourth piece of OR.
  • My Third piece of OR published
  • I am currently working on a new piece of OR.
  • I have been one of the correspondents on the protests by Anonymous (my 2nd piece of Original Reporting)
  • I have published m first ever piece of original reporting. See this page for more information.
  • Anonymous101 no longer uses VOA after seeing tis comment in the water cooler by User:Deprifry "I'm not entirely sure we want to use the material at all. A simple copy & paste is pointless. If people want to read news by the Voice of America, they go to the website of the Voice of America. I don't think it should be Wikinews' job to simply syndicate stories written by others. On the other hand, editing the stories goes against the explicit wish of the creators and is quite simply rude." For your info my response was "I agree with Deprify (above). Until I read this I never fully considered that modifying article was against the wishes of VOA. As a result, I will no longer use articles from VOA UNLESS it is established that VOA is fine with us copying it (not just from a legal perspective)"
  • Wikinews Print Edition - Subscibe in iTunes. Many of you will remember the print edition being in iTunes. I have decided to test getting the print edition in iTunes. You can get it by copying the text in the box below into the place where you type a web address. If you want subscribe using a different service go to

  • IE Version here, Here.
  • Try my alternative main page (for European users), which I created in a user sub page. Find it at /Europe
  • I currently run the audio Wikinews news brief RSS Feed. Get it by going to the Wikinews RSS Page and clicking on news briefs.

Get the plain version at this page and the colourful, decorated version at this page. The colourful version is more exciting but both include exactly the same content. The colorful version does not seem to work on Internet Explorer 7. If it did, I would take down the plain version instantly.

I am currently activity level 5. See this for description of what that means. . Due to confusion, I have decided to make it clear here that levels are not permanent. See below for more information.

I Have replaced the edit count with my article creation list as an edit count just shows my edits while my article creation list provides a list of all the articles I have created. Find my article creation list here.

<-- removed from list for reasons described in latest info. ->>

I support the creation of the simple english Wikinews. Comment on it at

I do not use Dual PD for 2007, a year overview as I copy from other parts of wikinews or the Wikinews Print Edition (which I sometimes publish) as I do not right most content for the print edition. I also exclude any edits on user talk pages as they often include quotes.

I put all my edits into the Public Domain UNLESS I state otherwise

Email me at this page or this page (if you have not got a registered an E-Mail address with Wikinews). This does NOT apply to any translations I makefrom Wikinews in another language .

After testing the Wiki formatting , I have created a new user page which is much more colourful. It links to this, my main content page, has a giant smiley, says welcome, has lots of colour and links to my talk page. I did this because my user page was just long text. Find my user page at User:Anonymous101. You are free to base your Wikinews user page on this but it would be nice if you said based on Anonymous101's user page..

1 article per day

I will always try and start one article a day. This could be breaking news or a regular article. It could also be the Wikinews Print Editon. In addition it could be another obituary. I no longer use VOA as I have decided it is unethical to modify articles against the wishes of the authors.

5 minute rule

This is not Wikinews policy, it is just something I created. I will always follow this 5 minute rule to allow review by other editors before publication.

Except in breaking news situations, I will always leave an article marked with {{ready}} for at least 5 minutes after I think it is ready for publication, before it gets published. This is to allow review by other editors. This may not seem long but I think it is a good balance between accuraccy and speed of publication. I know many editors publish immediately but I chose to allow some review before. I will not publish a story that has been moved to in development from ready for publishing until issues have been resolved and I will try to contact the user with the concerns before publication.

Request for adminship

I am currently undergoing a request for adminship.

=1000 Edits

I am pleased to make my 1000th edit on Wikinews English. I would like to thank the Wikinews community for making Wikinews so enjoyable. My 1000th edit was to welcome a user to Wikinews.


  • If I put I am activity level 0, I will not visit Wikinews.
  • If I put I am activity level 1 or above, I will read Wikinews.
  • If I put I am activity level 2 or above, I will make minor edits to Wikinews and add breaking news.
  • If I put I am activity level 3 or above, I will read my talk page.
  • If I put I am activity level 4 or above, I will write full articles based on VOA.
  • If I put I am activity level 5 or above, I will write full articles.
  • If I add T to my activity level, I will not check my talk page.
  • If I add D to my activity level, I am currently in a dispute with another user.
  • If I add E to my activity level, I will not check my E-Mail address.
  • If I add B to my activity level, I will not add breaking news.

My activity level changes daily(ish).

I encourage you to put this on your user page. Remember my edits are Dual-PD. I encourage you to add to this scale, but never take away. I only want sensible additions. This is the first part of may talk page which I encourage edits to. To add your activity level to your user page simply add {{Activity Level|Your activity level}} to your user page. It will include a link to a description of what activity levels mean but note it currently links to this part of my user page. You can change the template at the template page. I did not create an individual page for activity level because I am the only user who uses it

Well done

I think some Wikinews users aren't given enough credit for their excellent work on Wikinews. Therefore I decided to create a new section on my talk page where I can congragulate users who have contributed brilliantly to Wikinews but have not been recognised. I anyone with a barnstar because this section is to give credit to users who have not been recignised.

  • I would link to add User:NicholasTurnbull to this list as he has done an excellent job of stopping Audio Wikinews from collapsing. We got 4 longish summaries in 4 days compared to about one a month in the past. He is an excellent new user to Wikinews.

My opinion on Wikinews policy

This is obviously not NPOV.

  • I think a story about elections should never be the top story as they are only relevant to one country.
  • I think publication takes too long. I think there should be a "latest news" box near the top of the main page that includes non-disputed Wikinews articles before publication. I think the fact they have not been checked should be made clear.
  • I think Wikinews should not need to post multiple sources if the source is a) trusted b) Has strong rules on impartiality and c) is under a license compatible with Wikinews's. (Because a copvio is likely otherwise). I am not saying this site exists but I think this change in policy must happen

Wikipedia Info

Hello, I am a much more common contributer to english wikinews and Wikipedia commons so please discuss posts there. On wikimedia commons and Wikinews I am user anonymmous 101, on Wikipedia in Spanish I am user anonimo101 and on Wikipedia in French I am anonyme101. You are welcome to ask me questions, comment on my posts in English, French or Spanish, although English is preferred. I understand very basic Italian and German so if you want to add something to my wikinews talk page you are welcome to comment in those languages but please only use simple wording. Do not communicate with me in any other language. I will not understand it and therefore can clearly not reply.

My wikinews page is at

2007 Overview of the year

I created the Quiz and put a lot of effort into finishing articles to allow publication of the article and the quiz on December 31 2007.

My other news projects

I write articles for a news blog I created which is currently suspended.

In memory of Benazir Bhutto

This image is Public Domain based on an original work by US government and modifications by me. Others took part in getting this image on Commons. Click on the image to find out. I am saddened by the death.

my work in other languages

For more information on my work in other languages please visit my commons userpage at

I sometimes write the quiz and I always post my results on the World News Quiz talk page which I encourage you to take by clicking on this link.

I sometimes create the print edition and I run Wikinews:inform print edition


I use this in the users talk page when I request something they have done to be deleted. It (hopefully) helps stop arguments and prevent misunderstandings.

Hi and Welcome to Wikinews. Unfortunately an article you have written has been requested for deletion. It is likely it broke one of the Wikinews guidelines, these are two important ones - [[Wikinews:Neutral point of view]] and [[Wikinews:Cite sources]]. It is possible you broke a different guideline, for example the story was not newsworthy - Click [[Wikinews:Deletion guidelines|here]] for the deletion guidelines. If you want to experiment please use the sandbox, which is at [[Wikinews:Sandbox| this page]]. I would also like to remind you not to intentionally break any wikinews guidelines. Please continue to use Wikinews, and enjoy editing without breaking the guidelines. If you need any help, feel free to contact my user page..

Lead Article

This is the Wikinews lead article

Why not start an article

Make sure your planned article does not breach copyright laws and follows Wikinews guidelines. If it does, write an article.

Start a new article

Articles are written by readers like you!
To report on a news event, check if it is already being covered. If not, write a quick brief. For more guidance, see Wikinews:Writing an article. Got news, but no time to write a full article or a quick brief? Tell us what news you would like to see covered by Wikinews at Wikinews:Requested articles.

This is the Wikinews Start an Article template

The latest News

July 19

July 18

July 17

July 16

July 15

Latest news by section is also available

Using the Wikinews latest news template


This is my signature. You will see it on my comments --Anonymous101 10:49, 11 December 2007 (UTC)

News Ticker

I have the Wikinews news ticker at the top of my article. It does not work on Internet Explorer (Which in my opinion is a good thingm as it may engourage people to switch to better browsers like firefox)

News, I have contributed to writing

See Special:Contributions/Anonymous101


My sandbox has been moved here. You are welcome to make edits on it as long as it follows the normal sandbox guidelines.

Public Domain Picture Mosaic

Here are some image mosaics I made with public domain images

Article creation list

I no longer update my article creation list but you can see my contributions here here

Live chat

I am often on the Wikinews IRC

Wiknews ads

Wikinews: We're not Fox News. We haven't decided a presidential election... yet.
Wikinews: We're not Fox News. We haven't decided a presidential election... yet.

Quiz of 2007 intro

A new version was written but you can take the quiz below.

Welcome to the Wikinews overview of the year/quiz, giving you a chance to test your knowledge on this years's news. This is a quiz about the news of the past year. This will replace the world news quiz for this week only.

December 31, 2007


1 Where did Madeline McCann go missing?


2 What is the Bank of England known as?

Lender of last choice
The final lender
Borrower of final resort
Lender of last resort

3 How many people died in the Virginia Tech shooting?


4 How many troops were brought to Iraq in the Surge?


5 Who was named Time man of the year?

Vladamir Putin
Bill Clinton
George Bush

6 In what month was it announced that Afghan opium production reached record highs?


7 What role did Nicholas Sarkozy win in the French elections this year?

Prime Minister
Army Chief

8 Benezir Bhutto died from how many gun shots?


9 On March 23, Iran captured how many British hostages?


10 Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was assassinated in which month?


11 Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair as Prime Minister of the UK on which day?

5 May
24 May
5 June
24 June

12 Politicians in Northern Ireland agreed to share power after how many years of central rule from London?


13 When did Kevin Rudd become Australian Prime Minister?

December 1
December 2
December 3
December 4

14 Why, originally, did Buddhist monks protest in Burma?

Government Oppression
Bread prices
Oil prices
Destruction of Property

15 Who was the favourite to win the election in Argentina?

Néstor Kirchner
Cristina Kirchner
Elisa Carrió
George Bush

16 When did Pavarotti die?

September 6
September 16
October 6
October 16

17 The RCMP recieved a bad press this year. What does RCMP stand for?

Regimental Christmas Mounted Police
Royal Canada Mounted Police
Royal Canadian Monetary Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

18 How long did it take to form a government in Belgium?

172 days
182 days
192 days
202 days

Edit Summary

If like me you forget add an edit summary click on My Preferences (or click here This link may not work), then selct editing and tick "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary."" After that remember to press save. Don't complain to me if you find one of my old edits without a summary but if any of many edits made in 2008 don't have an edit summary please complain to my talk page.

Audio Wikinews

I will produce at least one piece for audio Wikinews. (seriously). When I have produced it I will fill this section with links to play download it.

Middle East infobox

I created the Middle East Infobox which is available here