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My real name is Joshua Zelinsky. I can be most commonly found at the English Wikipedia JoshuaZ. If you have admin related business and I'm am not around please go to WN:AAA where another admin will likely be able to take care of the matter.

News articles started by me

  1. U.S. Senator Tim Johnson hospitalized
  2. NASA observes largest supernova on record
  3. Pope to lift restrictions on Latin Mass
  4. Well-preserved baby mammoth found in Siberia
  5. Evolutionary biology labs at University of Colorado threatened
  6. Christian protesters try to disrupt first Hindu prayer in US Senate
  7. Creationist who threatened biologists threatened others at university
  8. Fast evolution observed in butterflies
  9. Suspect in Colorado anti-evolution death threats is missing
  10. Large scale gene transfer between single-celled and multicellular organisms reported
  11. Cassini space probe to flyby Saturn's moon Iapetus
  12. Judge rules against student blogger's First Amendment claim
  13. Judge rules stem cell proposal to remain on New Jersey ballot
  14. Biohazard lab supervison an issue says US investigation
  15. Washoe, the signing chimp, dies
  16. Kitty Hawk and other U.S. warships' visit to Hong Kong canceled
  17. Girls sweep Siemens science competition for US high schools
  18. Physicist John Wheeler dies at age 96
  19. Indiana congressional candidate Tony Zirkle defends speech at Nazi meeting‎
  20. California Supreme Court strikes down ban on gay marriage
  21. Controversial Florida attorney Jack Thompson disbarred
  22. US Senator Ted Stevens convicted on 7 counts
  23. P=NP math problem reported solved


  1. Randall Munroe, writer of xkcd, talks about the comic, politics and the internet

Articles saved by me


This covers articles marked as {{abandoned}} which I then helped cleanup and expand to a presentable state.

  1. Comprehensive immigration bill fails in United States Senate (with most of the work done by SVTCobra).
  2. Shares in Blackstone Group fall below IPO price (also with a large part of the work done by SVTCobra).
  3. Nebraska teacher sentenced to 6 years for sex with student (work also done by ShakataGaNai and SVTCobra).



This does not include all articles that I substantially contributed to but rather those which were had little content, were yet not formally tagged with {{abandoned}} but where I wrote a substantial amount of the article.

  1. Space Shuttle Discovery to return to Earth
  2. Muslim hair stylist sues hairdresser over alleged discrimination
  3. Chess grand master Kasparov arrested after protest