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Wikinews archive — Welcome
A collection of about 21,809 individual snapshots in time. History preserved under our archive policy; written by Wikinewsies over a span of more than nineteen years, dedicated to our fusion of journalistic and wiki values: Neutrally report objective facts, and get it right before publishing. Write everything without copying, and make it all freely available permanently — no pay-to-read archives here.

On this page you'll find

  • a high viewing platform, from which you can see our whole archive spread out below:
topicsplacespeopledatesarticle typescombined searches
  • our corrections department — because after we've done all we can to get it right, it's a point of pride that we own up to our mistakes.
  • our curation department, coordinating maintenance tasks on the collection.
[edit] Documentation


This template provides the header for User:Pi zero/Archives. Its design functions, to be realized highly compactly, include:

  • Explain why a free news archive is important. (Note allusions to snapshots in time, neutrality, objectivity, accuracy, copyright, free-to-read.)
  • Explain why they're protected and how to request changes. (Note link to archive policy, prominent featuring of corrections section.)
  • Provide basic stats on the size of the archive. (Note number of articles, number of years.)
  • Provide a table-of-contents/guide to the rest of the page.

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