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The official Wikinews blog entitled Wikinews Reports can be found at . This blog succeeded an older inactive blog at .

Wikinews Reports currently has some 16 editors, mostly administrators or accredited reporters, but any user in good standing can ask any of the current bloggers for access. The blog is under the same license as Wikinews, i.e. the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

The Wikinews Reports blog was originally set up by User:Zanimum (under the author name Wikinews Reports), mainly to promote Wikinews on Planet Wikimedia, a Wikimedia-related blog aggregator. Later, User:DragonFire1024 managed to get the blog listed on Google News, and as such it is currently the only way our stories go there. It can be used to post original reporting stories or to blog about our experiences as citizen journalists, often with a link to the full story on Wikinews. Because of the link with Google News, it can also be used to post other stories to promote Wikinews, but this will also list the article on Planet Wikimedia.

Current blog authors[edit]