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The time is 21:00 (UTC) on July 28th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


Ancient prayer book found in Irish bog[edit]

Republic of Ireland

An early medieval Christian Psalter (which is a prayer book) was discovered in a bog in the Midland Region of Ireland on July 25, 2006, prompting some to term it the Irish version of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

New Zealand National Party only wants immigrants of "bedrock values"[edit]

New Zealand

The New Zealand National Party leader, Dr. Don Brash says that they only want immigrants who accept the "bedrock values" of New Zealand society.

Music reality show 'The One' cancelled by ABC a week after its debut[edit]

Canada and United States

The One: Making a Music Star was cancelled today just over a week after its debut. Over all it only aired four episodes.

Landis' fate to be announced monday[edit]

sports - cycling Tour De France

On Monday, the result of a counter-analysis of Floyd Landis’ B-sample, as requested by the Americans, will be announced.

Closing statements[edit]

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