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Above is a map depicting the 190 or so countries in the world. The dark green indicates good Wikinews coverage, and the red and orange indicates little or no Wikinews coverage. We want this map to be all dark green by year end. Due to Wikinews' relative youth, many countries suffer severe under representation - indeed the majority of countries have few or no articles currently written about them. The aim of Country of the Week is to rectify this situation. Each week a particular country will be chosen and people will be encouraged to go out of their way to write articles about that country for the week. Each week begins and ends at 00:00 UTC Sunday. This is merely a formality; contributors can submit an article a day early or late for a given country if it suits them better.

Previous Countries of the week can be found in the Results log. All votes, and resulting articles, will be moved there.

This weeks results: Antarctica


Current Votes


Each week the country with the most votes will be made Country of the Week. Users can vote once a week, but not for the same country more than once (e.g. Hungary this week, but not again next week). The total number of votes are in brackets. If a draw occurs, the country with the oldest vote will win.

French Polynesia (2)

  1. -Cspurrier 4 July 2005 16:16 (UTC)
  2. CGorman (Talk) 20:04, 9 July 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Saint Lucia (1)

  1. - Amgine 19:12, 22 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Libya (1)

  1. - → CGorman (Talk) 17:25, 26 August 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Greece (1)

  1. - Patricknoddy (Talk) 2:12pm December 4, 2005 EDT

Interested Wikinewsies


Please add your name if you are interested in participating. You are not signing a commitment here, just expressing interest. This is a voluntary program that you can participate in irregularly.

Countries with no articles


The following is a list of countries that have no articles (other than possibly "UN holding recruitment exams in under-represented countries"). You may write an article for any of the below countries at any time, we merely select one country a week to make our goal more achievable. If you write an article for one of the countries, please remove it from the list.