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The 5th Annual Forbes Global CEO Conference will be at the Sydney Opera House, starting Tuesday August 30th. Global justice and peace groups have been organising a mobilisation for a number of months, and thousands of protestors are expected.

Wikinews will be reporting on the event, and your help is needed. This project page exists to provide information and co-ordination of the Wikinews coverage. Please feel free to edit, add to, remove from, or otherwise reorganise this page as you see fit. You can also contribute photo's that you take, and eyewitness reports. These will be used by other members of the Wikinews community to write articles.

Anyone can edit any Wikinews article, by simply clicking the "edit this page" button at the top. See this page for more information.

The Conference[edit]

From the official Forbes Global CEO Conference webpage:

At the fifth annual Forbes Global CEO Conference, senior figures from the world's leading companies and institutions will discuss the best ways to nurture and capitalize on innovation and reveal the latest global trends.
Where better to discuss staying ahead than in Australia - home to the first major financial market to open each day, to excellence in biotechnology and information and telecommunications innovation, and to world-leading players in environmental sciences and renewable energy. Join us at Sydney's spectacular Opera House for an inspiring look at the future.

The Protest[edit]

Global Justice and peace groups are organising a protest on the Opera House forecourt, or as close as the police will allow.

From the 30A page

The 30A mobilisation will be a mass expression of citizen concern about the escalation of globalisation of corproate greed and paralellel prolieration of war and poverty, the piracy of public assets, the pillage of natural resouces, the decline in government service and the rise of incarceration and torture.
It will gather and bear witness for peace, justice and the Earth on the forecourt while Steve Forbes gathers 300 of the world's top war profiteers and masters of corporate greed for a Global CEO Conference.

More info:

The 30A Network

Wikinews coverage[edit]

Wikinews reporters will be attending the protest and providing original reporting. Anyone is welcome to contribute pictures, audio, video, or eyewitness reports, and anyone can edit any article.

Photos and eyewitness reports[edit]

If you take any photo's at the event, they can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Please put any pictures you upload into "Category:30A Protest". You can view all the pictures in this category here.

If you would like to contribute an eyewitness report, just add it to the bottom of this page.

Original reporting[edit]

Please put your name here if you are able to physically attend the conference or protest, and provide original reporting.


Please put your name here if you are going to help out with other aspects of reporting this event, such as writing articles based on news sources, adding background information to articles, etc. As with all such wiki-lists, putting your name here doesn't mean you are obliged to actually do anything.

  • NGerda - Looking forward to it and helping out in any way I can! (Time difference may be a hindering factor, however). My specialties are in compiling sources and summarizing and quoting them, and in image enhancement and modification (panoramas, perhaps). We might also do an audio report for Wikinews:Audio Wikinews/Wikinews World Report.  :)


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Comments and discussion[edit]

It seems to me that this sort of event is perfect for original reporting. There is no investigation or analysis required, you just need to go along, take pictures, and write down what you see. - Borofkin 06:18, 23 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Just for clarification; are you reporting on the conference or the protest? --Mrmiscellanious 00:10, 25 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Unfortunately my invitation to the conference has not been forthcoming, so I'll be providing original reporting on the protest. - Borofkin 00:29, 25 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]