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Archives for the Assistance section of the Water Cooler.

The current archive is Archive 12.

  • Archive 1
    Topics covered: Database Corruption?
  • Archive 2
    Topics covered: SqueakFox, Hey Admins, this one is for you, News getting put on main page..., Creating Own Editorial and Research Sections on User Page, Pictures, Graphics, and Table of Contents, Adding article to latest news
  • Archive 5
    Topics covered: Offer to help, Mark-up toolbox, Image won't show, French or German/English translater needed, Categories for articles, Readers
  • Archive 6
    Topics covered: Wikinews RSS, Developing Stories Automatic list, I would like to be a columnist for wikinews, confused., "Original" Inside info from Aruban reporter(Holloway story), Category, Political crisis in Brazil, Interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro
  • Archive 7
    Topics covered: What is the permalink link in the toolbox for?, Login problems
  • Archive 8
    Topics covered: Question on policy summary availability, Article preparation in advance, Iowa State Legislature testing, south Thailand troubles
  • Archive 9
    Topics covered: Interviewing the illustrious "Jimbo" Wales, Jimbo Interview: Technical, Articles on Swaziland, please take a look, Question about merging, Missing Link, AP copyright footer, Can I add an image to my signature?, Where do I post a copy of copyright permission?, Advice requested, How to use source template, Copyright on Images, Review, You have new messages, Slight vertical whitespace difference, Absurd stories in development, World cup stories, Dedicating a week to writing news, Protected Special: edit request, Hoax??, Newsworthy?: MS ends XP SP1 support, Portal:Prepared stories VS. Wikinews:Story preparation, help with copyright stuff, Assistance with another copyright enquiry, Some edits and some new pages..., Man confesses to 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey, Total Newbie Questions, Now I am TOTALLY Confused, Adding categories to archived articles, cats running wild on wikinews, copyright/fair use question., For anyone looking for a non-controversial contribution (or not as the case may be), What exactly is original?, Images question, Newbie article, Spoken articles - offer and request, Pope comment reactions, Hi I need help, question, Admin Alert Question, help with image, Straw urges "drop the veil" needs tidying up please, Lost article?, Questions for Poll/ survey, Cross-wiki question., Page for coordination, Could someone please have a look at this., Spero copies without credit, TOC right, Interview Alert, Interviews as newstories?, Kofi Annan: Iraq situation much worse than civil war, Prime MInister Blair flies to Washington
  • Archive 10
    Topics covered: Interviews in the works, User Pages guidelines, Need a page moved, Need Help With Covering Bias in the Boston Globe, copyright status of Image:Fidel12-6.jpg Image:Fidel12-1.jpg, Double redirects, Need WikiNews Contact for Wikimedia Foundation (most likely hoax), article cooperation and images (Guatemala sinkhole, Prince Harry), replacing images, Wikinews:Sports coverage, Youth Parliament help, spam on a protected article, article request, Wikicast News Coverage, Participatory Journalism Questions, more article help, Hebrew WikiNews - Getting started?. ATTN: doldrums/other mods, Coordination on US elections, Anyone interested in press releases for events?, Company markets IED Jammer direct to troops, Dealing with difficult interview subjects, HELP!!!!, Level of copyright infringement?, Template talk:Featured picture, G8 question from Sean Heron, Venezuelan protests continue over closure of RCTV, Photos, Renaming, Choke (film), Iraq US Troop withdrawal, Digg on Wikinews Reports blog

  • Archive 11
    Topics covered: KDE 4.0 release event, Quiz of 2007, help requested, Spelling correction to Caption: Anmensty=>Amnesty, This day in history - 2007?, Tax rebate, gaza, Partial solar eclipse, Prepared story, No English news coverage until yet but WN will delete the article, TIBE problem.... DAMN and SERIOUS, castles of scotland, I received an email that says I have tested the Wikinews, Domas Mituzas, Image Help, about customer care, Is this worthy of an article?, Help with translation needed, bussiness report 2007, Please check story, How old is "too old"?, Help publish while still newsworthy, Fennovoima, HI! NEW ENERGY DAY IS JULY 10TH!, Need Critique, Review requested for interview, Hillview Manor Saga, page started, now gone!?, Letter of assignment or approval, Seeking a Wikinewsie mentor, New article, publication assistance needed, Ready for publication, 4000 year old gold artifact discovered in Peru, Re-using a dormant account?, Using the news paper here for stories, Israel undergoes major emergency drill, accreditation of photographers, how to fix broken source template, filtering news items, Question Requests for 2008 Taipei 101 Run Up, Request correction, Charley wilson's war, 2008 COMPUTEX & WiMAX Expo, the FINAL WARNING....., Story Update Request, Moulton, Photo Help
  • Archive 12
  • Topics covered: Main Page articles, First time here, need assistance on a story I think is important, A request to a sysop, Interview with Åse Kleveland, IndyMac, Special report on cloud computing, Help!, China's Hua Guofeng dies, Spelling mistake in Lead Article 3, Pamphlets and leaflets, Main Page refresh, Image replaced, Category naming, Attention: California Wikinews contributors, Problem for contributors : Very slow response of reviewers, Interview published but not sighted, Chula Vista, California becomes national model for blight control laws, Illinoise, 7 officers killed in Dagestan, Russia, more wounded, newsworthy?, Calling the 2008 US election, Deletion time, Workflow to publish a short?, Today's shorts, Time to refresh the lead articles?, Can someone look at my changes please?, Help, Recent News, Please review YouTube experiments with HD videos, Major earthquake jolts Bangladesh, centered in Nicobar Islands, help getting started, Lets consider a retraction, Obama inauguration article, Interview with Jimmy Wales, How do I view articles posted in 2009?, Please review "The Simpsons" now in high-def and new adequate intro, US Congress passes $787 billion stimulus package -- needs a review, Los Angeles photog needed Sunday evening, your assistance please..., UK university occupations in support of Gaza, Photographer question, Wikimania 2009 and Wikinews: Our best Original Reporting? You decide, Why does a published date keep changing, Saskatchewan Canada original reporting, Manawan Police Training School Lahore attack, Not news, How do I e-mail Brian McNeil, who has made suggestions on my page?, Transwiki from Wikipedia, Removing "unpublished" articles, Please help with the survey [motivation and value of Wikinewsies], OR and what is a scoop?