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Wikinews nominates 5 administrators for de-adminship due to inactivity


From Thunderhead on 00:20, 29 December 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Wikinews administrator Adambro recently listed 5 administrators for de-adminship due to inactivity on the administrators page, which explains the position, and allows nominations for adminship, and de-adminship.

This is viewed by some as a test of the inactive policy, which was created earlier this year to remove the administrative rights of those who were inactive within a certain amount of days.

The five users nominated include The bellman, DouglasGreen, CGorman, Ronline, and Karen, all of whom seem to have left Wikinews. DouglasGreen, for example, has not performed any administrative actions since he recieved the rights in May of 2005.

The last contribution that The bellman made was in 2006 on a project page. His last mainspace edit was on the same day. The last contribution that DouglasGreen made was in early 2005. The last contribution made by CGorman was in early 2006. The last contribution made by Ronline was in early 2006, and the last contribution made by Karen was in early 2006.

If all were de-admined, the number of administrators would be effectivley lowered to 49.

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