World Cup workers walk off the job

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


World Cup security personnel walked off the job Sunday, citing contract violations.
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Following a labour dispute involving soccer match stewards, South African police have taken over security duties for World Cup games in Cape Town and Durban. Security personnel staged a sit-down protest in the Durban stadium on Sunday, and walked off the job before yesterday's match in Cape Town.

The security workers are in a contract dispute with their employer, Stallion Security Consortium Pty (Ltd). Workers claim they were promised as much as seven times as much pay for a shift than what they are currently receiving.

Following the 2010 FIFA World Cup match between Germany and Australia on Sunday, workers staged a sit-in on the grounds of the Durban stadium and were attacked by police with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Should force be used to break up labour protests?

The 2010 organizing committee claims they are working on resolving this dispute.

Some South African unions have threatened to severely disrupt the country during the World Cup if labour demands are not met. South Africa currently has one of the largest income disparities in the world.