Body of child killed in tsunami identified by Chilean police

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Pichilemu costanera after the earthquake and tsunami of February 27.
Image: Diego Grez.

Chilean police confirmed via a DNA test last Sunday that the body found in Chorrillos, Pichilemu was Juanita Carey Moring, daughter of lawyer Guillermo Carey. Mr. Carey along with his wife and four children was caught by the tsunami.

After the DNA test was completed, it was also discovered that Juanita's name was written on her undergarments. Her one-year-old brother, León Carey Moring, is still missing, after being taken by the February 27 tsunami while both children were with their mother.

Fishermen in Pichilemu found the body last Sunday evening on the beach of Pichilemu as they roamed around the coastline in Chorrillos at 17:00 (UTC). They immediately called the police.

Police did various tests on the body last Monday to try to determine the body's identity and sex. That evening, DNA was taken also from the relatives of other minors who are missing.

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