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Review of revision 982258 [Failed][edit]

Everybody fails my articles because there are not any English sources. Don't you know Google Translate exists? :'( --Диего Грез (Diego Grez) (разговор) 22:02, 23 March 2010 (UTC)
Well, it is clearly not the only issue with the article. By the way, I find your signature annoying. Why are you using cyrillic letters? --SVTCobra 22:06, 23 March 2010 (UTC)
Because I like 'em. Also, I can't have a perfect English grammar because my mother tongue is Spanish. Asked for copyedit, though. --Диего Грез (Diego Grez) (разговор) 22:17, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Review of revision 982323 [Passed][edit]

Edit protected request[edit]

{{editprotected}} Please add Category:2010 Pichilemu earthquake and Category:O'Higgins Region. --Diego Grez return fire 19:53, 22 May 2010 (UTC)

Done Benny the mascot (talk) 01:15, 25 May 2010 (UTC)