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News briefs


Thursday, January 13, 2005

The following stories made international headlines Thurssday:

Mars rover Opportunity finds odd rock

One of the two NASA's rovers roaming on planet Mars for over a year has stumbled upon a rock unlike any other previously seen: according to the machine's instruments, the rock may be made out of metal. Scientists on the project suspect that the object is a meteorite, and are continuing to examine it with the rover's other analysis and imaging tools.

Sources: MSNBC

UK prince in Nazi uniform causes stir

Britain's Prince Harry was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform, complete with swastika armband, while puffing on a cigarette at a costume party. The picture made the front page of London's The Sun newspaper. The Prince's father, Prince Charles, ordered Harry to visit Auschwitz to learn more about the Holocaust.

Sources: BBC News, Reuters

New wave of mad-cow panic hits Canada

With two new cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy confirmed over the past two weeks, Canada's beef industry is reeling.

Source: Toronto Star

U.S. calls off hunt for Hussein-era WMDs in Iraq

The White House admits that its two-year search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction has ended. U.S. investigators came up empty handed in their search for WMDs, a main reason cited by the administration for the invasion of the Middle East country.

Source: Los Angeles Times