Comments:Leaked Syrian government emails indicate weapons supplied to Hamas

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imho...warning graphic content200:45, 6 September 2020

imho...warning graphic content

warning graphic content

imho: Of course I doubt anybody is actually surprised one bit about that and think it very healthy and wholesome for everyone to discuss the matter openly since I doubt it ever was a big secret anyway in the first place. And I think such information to be rather convenient for parties involved.

Today, we are dealing with the videos that can be viewed on the New York Times website this very minute (warning: the videos are of extreme, graphic, and abominable violence, children are being shot is Syria) So if anyone would care to take the time and have a look and see because most people certainly care not a damn to even think or even know about such things.

On that note I will just say that I wish everyone could and would just choose to begin on a course of action to learn, be and teach people how to be nice to each other by being the example in the world and figure out peacefully how we can all possibly learn to get along with one another so as to help one another get through the challenges we all face.

If you really think that it is about ``us or them``, then things will probably continue to be that way.

Maybe if we all just went without just a few little unimportant things we don`t really need and direct our energy, time, money, and resources towards ``actually-beneficial goals`` things wouldn``t get to the point where everyone is so angry that they start undermining and destroy- ing each other.

It doesn`t matter where in the world we grow up, one of the first things we learn is what a gun is for and how easy it is to use. It doesn`t require much of education.

If humanity has any HOPE of getting past the current challenges we face today it will need to learn how to use hydrogen as a fuel ASAP because everyone knows the planet Earth is in grave peril. (the latest is about the methane clouds and the atmospheric bromine, tomorrow it will be about the nitrogen oxides, the next day it be about the CFC`s, the VOC`s, the mercury, the lead and the sulpur, the cadmium, the plutonium, the uranium...then will come the influenza strain H7N9 and wipe out one half of the people you know, love and cherish)

All shareholders would do well to take heed of what is happening today because it is not just about getting as much money as you possible can. The real POVERTY lies in the heart, mind and soul, but you will say that you knew that. Many people today are heartless, mindless, and without soul. They operate and act as if they didnt have a heart, a mind, or a soul, but they do. At some point it`s too late and the soul is forever destined for hell.)

We know our cars burn gasoline and our homes burn oil, coal and methane (Natural gas IS methane.)




BURNING ETHANOL only defers the burning of oil and gas (made of CORN, WHEAT, HEMP, etc.)

BURNING ETHANOL only defers the burning of oil and gas (made of BITUMEN, COAL, etc.)

It all releases BILLIONS of TONS of CARBON DIOXIDE into the atmosphere.

One doesnt need a formal education to know that. But your government and your teachers will demand your money before they tell you anything you really need to know or should know.`

Instead of investing in things that actually help people, we put our money in sure winners, governments waste our hard earned money into things that really don't do a hell of a lot of good for anyone. Keeps some people happy some of the time.

Real, actual and useful education is paramount if humanity is to survive this century. What is the point of forcing kids to stay in school for twelve years and then demand money so they might actually learn something useful.

Maybe the reality is that there is no one solution, but only an infinite number of small solutions put together.

Anyway what I see is the world is going to hell in hand basket really fast! (talk)04:39, 28 April 2013

While in no way meaning to belittle all the stuff going on, I note that the world has been going to hell in a hand basket really fast for a very long time, and yet somehow we've never quite managed to get there.

Pi zero (talk)05:17, 28 April 2013

I note that we are headed there at increased speed in 2020, though increasingly for different reasons. Why does gallows humor make me laugh?

SVTCobra00:45, 6 September 2020