Fire in Pichilemu, Chile kills family of five

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The burnt home on Monday morning.
Image: Diego Grez.

A family of four adults and one minor has been reported dead after the house they were inhabiting in the city of Pichilemu, in Chile was allegedly intentionally set on fire on Sunday morning.

The fire was reported for the first time at around 8:00 AM local time (11:00 UTC). The house was located in Dionisio Acevedo Street, in front of the Inmaculada Concepción Catholic Church of Pichilemu. According to eyewitnesses, it was "intentionally caused by a group of drunken teenagers." Another eyewitness said it was "the greatest fire she ever saw in Pichilemu. It was a real hell."

The owner said she was "extremely upset." "I did not rent the home to anyone, now I have nothing, I came for the money, but they aren't here it seems," she told live radio. Mayor Roberto Córdova told Radio Somos Pichilemu presenter Esteban Araneda "it was highly doubtful [the owner] wasn't aware these persons were inhabiting the home. It's a great tragedy for the Pichileminian and couldn't pass unnoticed."

Officials said the bodies have not yet been identified. The police haven't been able to contact their respective relatives.

Dozens of people gathered outside the burnt house during Sunday afternoon. It is believed that the fire affected at least five other homes.


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