Peruvian bolero singer Lucho Barrios dies aged 75

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lucho Barrios singing.

Peruvian bolero singer Lucho Barrios has died at 75 in a Lima, Peru hospital, of renal failure and respiratory problems. Barrios was well-known through all the South American countries.

Barrios was taken to the Dos de Mayo Hospital on Monday due to a pulmonary thromboembolism. He remained in the intensive care unit in a serious condition, until his death on Wednesday at 7:32 AM local time.

"His death is a pain to Peru and the lovers of the bolero," said Peruvian President Alan García. José Fuentes, President of the Dos de Mayo Hospital, reported that he died due to multiple organ failure, because of the severe diseases he had. "He underwent dialysis at 2 AM in a last attempt to make him recover," said Fuentes, "but unfortunately his body no longer responded."

Barrios was diabetic, and had suffered his first thromboembolism almost a year ago, which he recovered from. "He was okay, he was healthy, and he started singing again because he told me, 'I'm gonna die on the stage'," said his daughter, Milagros Barrios.


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