de-ranks LGBT books, blames "glitch"

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Original research[edit]

Sorry, this came in late. URLs withheld.

<Edmund> I'm writing an article for Wikinews about the Amazon sales ranking scandal. Would you, as an author of adult literature, like to give a quote? <Julia> um... tired <Edmund> ok, thanks <Julia> let me see if there's a suitable excerpt in one of my posts from this morning <Edmund> ah, OK, I'd forgotten you had an LJ <Julia> see if there's anything useful in this url redacted;; <Julia> really am too tired to think straight -- went to bed late because I was involved in some of the "what the *hell* is going on?" <Edmund> how should I credit you, by the way? <Julia> Jules Jones <Edmund> any particular book? "Jules Jones, author of..." <Julia> other point to make is that a lot of the people affected by this are straight <Julia> including me <Julia> the two books that sparked this are pbulished by a mainstream publisher, and intended to be marketed in the romance section in stores, to the same women who read any other romance books

Possible Explanation[edit]

This might be an explanation... certainly seems relevant to the article at any rate.


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