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Seeing that the story focuses on Amazon excessively, I've added a paragraph about Ring's story. This may still need more work on the phrasing of the entire story, with little details missing or being written vaguely here and there. Examples:

  • "amid security concerns" is vague
  • "Key had let homeowners view deliveries via a Cloud Cam, but Ring's home security devices could help bring more trust to the program" - according to whom?
  • "Amazon has been making a strong push into "smart home" products with its Echo brand" - clarify what this is?
  • There may be others, this is not a complete list.

Perhaps they're easier to fix by a person familiar with the background.

@Dan445:: see above please. Thank you!

--Gryllida 23:03, 28 February 2018 (UTC)Reply

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Review of revision 4387622 [Passed]