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Svetlana Tkachenko | Sveta at IRC | NSW, Australia | UTC+10
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  • volunteer news reporter with 60 articles on green topics, technology, biology, law
  • volunteer accredited reporter with 8 reports on species discovery and technology
  • volunteer peer reviewer with 11 published articles including layout and fact-check
  • volunteer with 3 experiments, described below

Experiment 1: 'gradualisation' of the learning curve[edit]

This is aimed at encouraging easy and simple news writing for beginners (September 2018 - ongoing).

  • develop a note taking technique
  • developing a structured learning plan (under discussion)

In no particular order:

  1. What is on the to-do articles list today?
  2. Does it help to welcome a new article a bit?
  3. How to report locally (and does it help)?
  4. Does it help to start in a sandbox?
  5. Does it help to keep a news writing log?

  1. How to become a great news writer in 3 months (12 weeks)?
  2. How far are you ready to challenge yourself?
  3. How to become a great news writer in 5 exercises?
  4. Is there merit in showing levels of 'not-ready' in a review outcome?
  5. What tools can help with identifying, writing, and reviewing news?
  6. Does it help to better coordinate editing?
  7. Does it help to see how reviewers and authors make their edits?
  8. How to film for news making?
  9. to read

Experiment 2: user scripts and add-ons for Firefox[edit]

User scripts

Experiment 3: step by step article creation wizards[edit]

  • volunteer developer and designer of step by step article creation wizards in mediawiki markup aimed at making authoring news easier, CSS and JavaScript (March - July 2018)
  • /NewArticleStepByStepV2 - a new article creation wizard. step by step. version 2. uses css.
  • /NewArticle - a new article creation wizard. step by step.
  • /NewLongArticle - a new article creation wizard in one step with a long template


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