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At Wikinews I am running several experiments, in which you are welcome to participate:

I am a true cricket! I have six legs.

Crickets are related to bush crickets, and, more distantly, to grasshoppers.

Image: Naveen Mathew, 2011.

I have written 60 articles on green topics, technology, biology, law; reported 8 stories on species discovery and technology; reviewed articles, including published 11. I've also created 22 user scripts (listed here) and 3 add-ons for Firefox (listed here) to improve authoring and review. There is also notes on more work in progress.

My interests are calculus, physics, ecology, Australia, natural sciences, computer science, and law. I am familiar with Perl (Mediawiki::API, BasicBot, Dancer), and with JavaScript (jquery, oojs, MediaWiki API). I would like to learn more about artificial intelligence and natural language processing. I speak Russian and English; in the case you would like to contact me, I am Sveta at IRC at the freenode and OFTC networks.

I also participate in images, encyclopedia, books projects.