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Many new articles need quick feedback for the author to keep working on them and learn news writing. I develop software to notify volunteers of recent submissions immediately, in their topics of interest. I also use this software to help new articles. I have started the 'welcome a bit' programme and am developing software to make it as efficient as possible. In fact there is a handful of volunteers who already use this tool to help others, and the next release is planned for Q4 2019 to add notification archival and to also deploy it to Ukrainian and Russian Wikinews.

I'm looking for developers who can help me bring some ideas to life! If you are in UTC+10 (+-2 hours or so) and know Perl, Mediawiki API, natural language processing, JavaScript, C++ (wxWidgets), or Python, please leave me a message. I have a byte sized task in Perl as a starting point.

'Gryllida' stands for true cricket. It is a family of insects, which is related to bush crickets, and, more distantly, to grasshoppers.

Grillon cricket (3436947733).jpg