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Russian Sources[edit]

Krasnodar officials found over 4,000 dead wild ducks in the region. Moscow doctors...

Taking the necessary samples, we sent them to our labs at once. The analysis showed that the birds were infected with avian influenza. To confirm or refute these results, we sent samples to a Moscow laboratory. But while the research is being carried out, the dead bodies are collected and destroyed (third paragraph at pravda source)

... identified the desease as bird flu H5 subtype. The officials said that the outbreak originated in Coot birds in water reservoirs at the east of the region. Officials perform emergency vaccinations of all humans and birds in the area.

The Krasnodar leading veterinary physician (direct translation of "главный ветеринарный врач Кубани" at, George Gzhailidi, said that ("Right now the main source of the virus is Coot in the water places of Anap and Termyuk districts but as the virus spreads in the birds quickly, and risk must be eliminated." ("Пока основной источник..." at source)) the bird flu outbreak originated in the Temryuksky District and Anapsky District. The region governor Alexander Nikolayevich Tkachyov said, "The price is health and safety of people, of everybody who lives in the region. This is why I make the decision to ban hunting in the districts with mass mortality of wild birds - Temryuk[sky District] and Anap[sky District]. Besides, a quarantine is being declared for these areas." this is a full translation of the "в Анапе и Темрюке" paragraph from the source

The officials started emergency vaccination With the outbreak of "bird flu" in the region, since today, poultry vaccination starts and will happen in all districts of the Krasnodar region. ("во всей районах" paragraph at source) of birds in the local farms. Officials are also carrying out an emergency vaccination of all humans 'high alert' paragraph at PhysOrg in the area.

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