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Review of revision 1284484 [Passed][edit]


Most sources have changed to say 11 are dead, and the Times of India has changed its number since it was published. The CBC reports 11 dead, 76 wounded. We should thus change the title to Bomb blast in Delhi kills eleven, injures dozens or Bomb blast in Delhi kills eleven, injures scores or something. --SweetNightmares (awaken) 15:31, 7 September 2011 (UTC)

By the way, all the changes that were recommended were done so within 24 hours of publishing... -- (talk) 19:52, 8 September 2011 (UTC)
The first ones were submitted within the 24-hour horizon, but, unfortunately, not reviewed within that horizon. There was a later one, which proposed updating to thirteen dead, that was submitted after the 24-hour horizon had already passed. (That last one would also have introduced a source dated after the article, which isn't allowed even within 24 hours.) --Pi zero (talk) 20:48, 8 September 2011 (UTC)