Talk:Emirates jet tail strikes runway during takeoff at Melbourne airport

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Peer review[edit]


I fail to see how this is newsworthy... Airliners are tested to be able to safely handle tailstrikes, and besides some dents and a messed up paint job, there is generally no danger or significant damage. There is no mention that there was in this case, and given the information in this article I do not think this is newsworthy. The only difference (in my opinion) between this and someone lightly damaging the rear bumper of a city bus in a fender-bender is that most people are extremely familiar with roads, but few know anything about aviation. Obviously there are newsworthy aviation incidents, and there have been an abnormally high number lately, but this is not one of them. Thanks, Falconus (talk) 01:13, 23 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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