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Review of revision 4651017 [Passed][edit]

Accidentally archived?[edit]

Seems like the protection was upped a bit too early: I can't edit it. --JJLiu112 (talk) 01:53, 25 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I meant to remove the wikilink of COVID-19 after its second instance. --JJLiu112 (talk) 01:53, 25 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Also, change sentence in last paragraph to “some investors predicting a higher hike” to remove ambiguity. JJLiu112 (talk) 03:06, 25 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@JJLiu112: My mistake, was a bit overzealous! I'll archive this after 24 hours and make those changes. LivelyRatification (talk) 03:14, 25 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]