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Hello, my name is Madeleine. I'm a student, so I'll be more active during the summer months and less active otherwise.

I make mistakes! Feel free to correct me on my talk page.

I don't 'currently' have access to my WN email. Please press 'email this user' at the left for any press or internal enquiries.

Time zone is currently UTC-5, subject to the daylight savings policy of the US state of Texas. What time is it?

Accreditation details[edit]

Accredited reporter
Accredited reporter

Reporter: Madeleine Jiahui Liu (JJLiu112)
Location: Texas, United States
Email: Email via Wikinews |
Tel/Voicemail: +1 (214) 606-6222
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Published articles[edit]

A news sense is really a sense of what is important, what is vital, what has colour and life — what people are interested in.

Burton Rascoe, Useful Quotations : A Cyclopedia of Quotations, 1933.

Published original reporting articles[edit]

UK clarifies foreign, domestic response to cost of living crisis, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 14 March 2022.
Wikinews interviews RSL Australia for Remembrance Day 2021, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 10 November 2021. Also available here.
Technological University Dublin senior lecturer Dr Lorcan Sirr speaks to Wikinews on housing market in Ireland, reviewed by User:Acagastya and User:Bddpaux. 21 July 2021. 48th-longest page on Wikinews.
'Each makes the other more difficult to recover from': University of Sussex professor L. Alan Winters speaks to Wikinews on trade, COVID-19, Brexit, reviewed by User:Bddpaux and User:Acagastya. 30 June 2021.
Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 16 June 2021. 31st-longest page on Wikinews.
Wikinews interviews candidate for Cleveland mayor Arthur Kostendt, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 15 June 2021.
Wikinews interviews candidate for Minneapolis mayor Philip Sturm, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 13 May 2021.
Wikinews interviews Democratic candidate for the Texas 6th congressional district special election Daryl Eddings, Sr's campaign manager, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 20 April, 2021. 8th-longest page on Wikinews.
Wikinews interviews Adrian Mizher, independent candidate for Texas' 6th congressional district special election, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 7 April 2021. 32nd-longest page on Wikinews.
Wales widens smoking ban, includes at hospitals, schools and playgrounds, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 1 March 2021. Translated into Esperanto, Portuguese and Spanish.

Published synthesis articles[edit]

Translated articles are listed only if it is evident and obvious of their translation from English. Featured article(s?) in boldface.

Great is journalism. Is not every able editor a ruler of the world, being the persuader of it?

Thomas Carlyle, The French Revolution: A History, 1837.


UK sells £4 billion of government debt at highest yield since 2007, reviewed by User:Heavy Water. 9 July. Translated into French.
UK government unveils £8 million initiative to replace late Queen's portrait with King Charles', reviewed by User:Heavy Water. 3 April.
Netherlands set to further restrict semiconductor technology exports, reviewed by User:Heavy Water. 9 March. Translated into Chinese.
Reports: 'streamlined' UK asylum process to replace interview with questionnaire for five nationalities, reviewed by User:Heavy Water. 23 February.
Actor Alan Cumming returns OBE for British Empire's 'toxicity', reviewed by User:SVTCobra. 30 January.
Supporters of ex-President Bolsonaro storm Brazil's Congress, Supreme Court, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 8 January.


Pope Francis beatifies short-lived, 'smiling Pope' John Paul I, reviewed by User:SVTCobra. 5 September.
Irish energy supplier Bord Gáis hikes rates for gas, electricity, reviewed by User:SVTCobra. 3 September. Translated into French.
Ethics chief: UK PM's reforms after Partygate "highly unsatisfactory", won't "restore public trust", reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 3 June. Translated into Portuguese.
Elon Musk emails tell Tesla employees return to office, or "assume you have resigned", reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 3 June. Translated into Portuguese.
UK defers junk food deals, advertisement restrictions, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 17 May.
Loyalists suspected of threatening Irish Foreign Minister with fake bomb, reviewed by User:SVTCobra. 26 March.
Court finds UK allowed undervalued Chinese imports into EU, reviewed by User:SVTCobra. 11 March.
Financial Action Task Force places United Arab Emirates on money laundering 'grey' list, reviewed by User:Cromium. 8 March.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick resigns amid criticism, reviewed by User:Cromium. 12 February. Translated into Portuguese.
Northern Ireland First Minister Paul Givan resigns over Brexit border checks, reviewed by User:Cromium. 4 February.
Italian President Sergio Mattarella re-elected for second term, ending successor row, reviewed by User:Cromium. 30 January.
GSK rejects three Unilever bids to buy consumer healthcare arm, says unit was "fundamentally undervalued", reviewed by User:Cromium. 16 January. Translated into Hungarian.


New Zealand raises interest rates in second straight month to 0.75%, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 24 November.
UK pay freeze on public sector employees will end next year, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 26 October.
Evergrande real estate firm makes missed September bond payment, avoids default, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 22 October.
National Health Service England waiting list at highest on record for second consecutive month, reviewed by User:Chaetodipus. 10 July.
Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel hospitalised with COVID-19, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 6 July. Translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
130 OECD countries agree to back global corporate tax rate, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 4 July. Translated into Spanish.
Canada, EU, UK, US impose sanctions on Belarus over Ryanair hijacking, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 23 June.
Fifteen killed in Mogadishu, Somalia suicide bombing, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 18 June.
Israel opposition parties announce coalition, form new government, reviewed by User:RockerballAustralia. 6 June.
Austrian Airlines cancels Moscow-bound flight after Russia refuses a reroute outside Belarusian airspace, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 29 May.
Arizona bans abortion for genetic abnormalities, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 30 April. Translated into Portuguese.
US President Biden recognises Armenian killing as 'genocide', reviewed by User:Acagastya. 27 April.
Irish Finance Minister Donohoe criticises OECD's global minimum corporate tax rate, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 23 April.
European Union to reduce carbon emissions by 55% of 1990 levels by 2030, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 23 April.
India records 14 millionth case of COVID-19 amid new surge in infections, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 18 April.
US, UK, NATO to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 17 April.
French Prime Minister announces suspension of all flights to, from Brazil over coronavirus variant concerns, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 13 April.
Arkansas becomes first US state to criminalise treatment for transgender minority, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 9 April.
North Korea withdraws from Tokyo Olympics, citing COVID-19 concerns, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 9 April.
European Medicines Agency calls AstraZeneca vaccine "safe and effective", reviewed by User:Acagastya. 21 March.
Russian ambassador to US recalled over President Biden's comments, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 20 March.
International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes in Palestine, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 5 March.
Two Jordanian ministers caught breaking lockdown measures, resign, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 1 March. Translated into Esperanto and Spanish.
Seven Russians infected with H5N8 bird flu; first cases reported in humans, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 24 February. Translated into Chinese.
Serbian Orthodox Church elects new Patriarch Porfirije, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 19 February.
Greek lawmakers approve contentious campus police legislation, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 13 February. Translated into Esperanto.
International Criminal Court rules its jurisdiction includes Palestine, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 8 February. Translated into Esperanto.
World Trade Organization declares US tariff hike illegal, rules in South Korea's favour, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 24 January.


Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovič tests positive for COVID-19, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 21 December.

Articles in other languages[edit]

Sometimes, articles don't make it past the review process here, but have been published in other languages.

Cuba suspende as tarifas de importação sobre alimentos e medicamentos em meio a protestos generalizados, Portuguese Wikinews. 16 July, 2021.


Original barnstar: received 29 November 2021. (From User:Cromium)

Original reporting barnstar: received 7 April, 20 April 2021. (Both times from User:Acagastya)

Order of the Modest Pencil: received 21 December 2020. (Obligatory; article published by User:Pi zero, award from User:Acagastya)