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A note on some of the changes I made. Some of them might have altered your meaning:

  1. A "mob" is a group of people who are rowdy and misbehaving. A "mob of protesters" are people who are yelling and screaming and breaking property. It strongly implies that the police were right to break them up. Did you really mean "mob"?
  2. "parading after the governor's mansion" sounds a bit strange to me. Do you mean the police stopped them after they passed the mansion or that they prevented them from getting near the mansion?
  3. "futile attempt for the pride" left me confused. Did you mean an attempt to hold the parade or something else?
  4. "thrice" is a real word but, unlike "twice," native English speakers almost never use it. We just say "three times." But while it sounds a little old-fashioned it is not wrong or unclear to the reader, so if you really like it, put it back.
  5. "banned" means "forbidden," not "stopped." To ban something means to make a rule, policy or law saying that it's not allowed but doesn't mean to actually physically stop it from happening. So the legislators could ban the parade (but it's not clear from the article whether or not they did) but the police have to actually "block," "stop," or "enforce the ban." EDIT: Okay, the AP source makes it clear that the governor banned the parade and pride events in general.

I worked on the article and wrote most of this post before I clicked the history to see who drafted it. I figure if I'd say this to someone else, @Acagastya:, I may as well say it to you. Darkfrog24 (talk) 11:53, 27 June 2017 (UTC)

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