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Often redundant, as the verb tense can indicate. Similiarly, later.

East Timor[edit]

No longer correct; the country is now known as Timór-Leste.


Not ecstacy (which is obsolete, except in Australia.)


Effect and affect are often disputed in use. In general:

  • affect conveys an influence over something which already exists. (affect changes)
  • effect indicates a new idea, condition, or entity. (effect change)

(Note: both terms derive from the same roots, and in common use the distinctions are not always clear.)


Does not mean "in effect", it means "in an efficient or effective manner." Do not misuse.


Exempli gratia, "for example". Always use comma to either side, eg, as an introductory phrase. The abbreviation is not italicized, and no dots. Used before presenting an example, rather than before a restatement as for ie.


Always fatal, as opposed to electric shock which only may be.


Two acute accents.


Plural for Emmy Awards.


Be wary of England, English when the meaning is Britain, British.

en route[edit]

Not italicized.


Whatever its etymology, the term is considered highly derogatory in Canada, and for this region should be deprecated. Conversely it is not viewed negatively in the USA's Alaska, and is somewhat common amongst historians.

European Union[edit]

The correct term for the organization of European states. The European Community is only one pillar of the European Union, but may be used where the context is trade.


Not existance.