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To encourage timely completion of new submissions, you can help by 'welcoming' each new article 'a bit'. A welcome is:

instant (or nearly instant)
inviting to work together (and if they are asking for help, then keep this promise :) )

To offer your help with the code, click 'source code' below.

Sign up


Signing up allows you to receive instant notifications of new drafts submissions by email or on your personal talk page on wiki.

Sign up here.

Note: There also are alternative signup options for advanced users; see /Signup.

What is in it for me?

What is in it for me? What's in it for others?
  • Stay on the top of the current news
  • If you opt-in drafts, help others with their writing
  • Learn to participate in news writing
  • Gain critical reading and writing practice
  • Meet new people with interest in same topics
  • Instant and continuous feedback on their drafts
  • They learn to write news well, and finish in time
  • They gain practice reading sources critically, and writing
  • They learn to collaborate
  • Meet new people with interest in the same topics

Want to be a welcome-a-bit (WaB) superhero?

Recent changes


Version 4, April 4 2020:

  • added 'review' category notifications (type '/r')
  • fixed a bug with list of categories in wiki delivery
  • fixed a bug with empty delivery when all news is already delivered
  • added 'bot' flag for the bot

Version 3, April 28 2019:

  • added gui for signup
  • added gui for removal of personal talk page messages
  • added author and categories information to each article in the notifications

Version 2, April 1, 2019:

  • avoid duplicate notifications if a page was added to two categories of interest;
  • added on-wiki notifications;
  • added workaround for DPL bug (T218016) which does not exclude Published category;
  • grouped new messages together not by category
  • corrected a loop to ensure the unsorted list of pages is fully processed even when one of the pages in the middle is too old

People and whom to ask for help


This tool is being maintained by Gryllida who does the coding and documentation.

Thanks also to these people who have greatly helped with their ideas and feedback:

If the are any issues or suggestions, just ask at the talk page: Click here to leave a message.

What's next?


After signing up, you will receive notifications at your email or talk page each time a new article is created in the topic of your choice. You will receive instructions how to welcome the article.

Note: the software for the delivery of new submissions to your inbox or your talk page is currently ready for testing, and is expected to be completed in fully in February 2019. Sign up to test it today.

More informations: /More


Tracking categories: Category:Gryllida/WAB, Category:Gryllida/WAB/Pending

Information for helpers: User:Gryllida/welcome a bit/for helpers

Source code:

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