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Iraq conflict killed nearly 25,000 civilians

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  • In Education and Social welfare:

16 October 2010: Texas Commissioner of Agriculture visits schools to kick off National School Lunch Week

  • In Turkey but not Asia (offset=2):

7 January 2009: Wikinews:Briefs/January 7, 2009

  • In Turkey but not Europe (offset=2):

11 August 2008: Roadside bomb in Turkey kills nine soldiers, injures two

  • In Turkey and Middle East (offset=30):

9 July 2008: Six dead, including assailants, in attack on U.S. Consulate in Istanbul

  • In Kazakhstan but not Europe (offset=2):

8 October 2010: Remaining Expedition 25 crew launch to space

  • In Kazakhstan but not Asia (offset=2):

4 September 2017: Peggy Whitson, record-breaking 'American space ninja', returns to Earth

  • In Edinburgh but not Lothian and Borders:

11 August 2009: Claims from British quake may run into "low tens of millions of pounds" - Insurance association reps

  • In Human rights and Crime and law (offset=101):

15 August 2008: Former Chadian leader receives death sentence

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