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Articles on Wikinews that I've made or edited[edit]

  • Note: Not all of these articles were published, but most of them were. Based on my opinion, the articles I've edited have been sorted out into "significantly edited" and "insignificantly edited" categories. Articles are more or less in order; first 10-15 articles in list are a little more disorganized. Includes all articles, quizes and other things I've made in Wikinews. These are links only currently (I will be making these look better soon), but you can see the article by looking past the /wiki/ label.
My user page (Photo taken by me)

Articles that I've made[edit]$12_million_profit_in_first_quarter?dpl_id=193591,_China_sentences_geologist_to_harsh_prison_term,_futures_rise for July 11, 2010,_suggests_that_Islam_is_a_%27cult%27 for July 28, 2010,_sparks_wildfire for August 2, 2010,_2010 (from Shorts),_2010 for August 5, 2010,_2010,_back_nuclear-armed_Iran for August 11, 2010,_2010,_2010,_2010,_chairman_of_Switzerland%27s_Federal_Supervisory_Authority_for_Financial_Markets,_resigns for August 23, 2010$24.2m_fine_against_American_Airlines,_42_perish for September 6, 2010,_railroads_and_runways,_2010,_2010 for September 13, 2010 for September 18, 2010,_Illinois_middle_school_evacuated_after_bomb_threat for September 27, 2010$1.4_billion,_bottle-feeding_linked_to_adult_obesity,_also_agrees_to_reduce_trade_imbalances

Articles that I've edited significantly[edit],_2010,_500_missing,_charged_with_murder

Articles in which my edits are insignificant (but still worth noting (for myself or others))[edit],_California,_new_study_says,_Arizona,_kills_all_on_board (lots of reformatting)

Non-articles that I've made[edit],_Greece (using IP address)

Commons work[edit]

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