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Date Recorder Article Download
2006-12-07 Nzgabriel Two prisoners fell unconscious while transported in New Zealand Vorbis
2006-11-07 Nzgabriel Possible stadium in Auckland for 2011 rugby world cup Vorbis
2006-11-04 Nzgabriel Telecom New Zealand to sell Yellow Page Group Vorbis
2006-11-03 Nzgabriel Pizza 'lust' campaign attracts numerous complaints Vorbis
2006-11-03 Nzgabriel Clint Brown, ex NZ TV presenter, investigation complete Vorbis
2006-11-03 Nzgabriel New Zealand media sick after testing water filter Vorbis
2006-11-02 Nzgabriel Consumers' Institute: decline in New Zealand Internet satisfaction Vorbis
2006-10-18 Nzgabriel New Zealand Labour party sells pledge card Vorbis
2006-09-21 Nzgabriel New Zealand songwriter Don McGlashan wins second Silver Scroll Vorbis
2006-09-17 Skenmy PDPC President Rob Levin has died Vorbis
2006-09-11 Tdxiang Crocodile Hunter's Steve Irwin dies at 44 Vorbis
2006-08-11 Nzgabriel Greens Party refines 'Buy Kiwi Made' scheme Vorbis
2006-08-01 Mike Danko Fidel Castro temporarily hands power to his brother Raul Vorbis
2006-07-22 Mike Danko Jewel in King Tut's necklace created by possible asteroid impact Vorbis
2006-07-22 Mike Danko Earthquake strikes off Indonesia Vorbis
2006-07-22 Mike Danko Somali Islamists halt peace talks with government Vorbis
2006-07-21 Paul Robinson Microsoft to buy back US$40 B of its stock over 5 years Vorbis
2006-07-17 mikedanko Hooters Chairman dead at 69 Vorbis
2006-07-17 mikedanko Rocket-launcher weilding gunmen massacre 60 at market in Mahmoudiya,_Iraq Vorbis
2006-07-16 gumboyaya Israeli railroad station hit by Hezbollah rockets. Nine dead, 22 injured. Vorbis
2006-07-16 gumboyaya 20 fleeing Lebanese villagers killed by Israeli missile Vorbis
2006-07-15 gumboyaya Hezbollah-Israel conflict continues, Israel ultimatum to Syria Vorbis
2006-07-14 gumboyaya Israel-Hezbollah war continues for a third day Vorbis
2006-07-11 nzgabriel Auckland Zoo otter Jin has been found alive Vorbis
2006-07-03 gumboyaya Full-length open source movie ‘Boy Who Never Slept’ is released online Vorbis
2006-06-24 Skenmy France qualify with 2-0 win over Togo in Group G Vorbis
2006-06-24 Skenmy Switzerland shut door on Korea Republic 2-0 in Group G Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Sealand wrecked by fire Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Spain edge out Saudi Arabia 1-0 in Group H Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Ukraine advance after win against Tunisia in Group H Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins Film project aims to raise £1 million to make a Creative Commons-licensed film Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Pluto's moons named Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins Cadbury's recall over 1 million chocolate bars over salmonella fears Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins KLM flight makes emergency landing on Eindhoven Airport Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins FOX to produce new 'Futurama' episodes Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins Australian Internet filters "belated": Opposition Vorbis
2006-06-22 WillJenkins "Avast ye scurvy file sharers!": Interview with Swedish Pirate Party leader Rickard Falkvinge Vorbis
2006-06-18 WillJenkins The second-oldest British survivor of World War I turns 108 Vorbis
2006-06-09 gumboyaya Germany wins, 4-2 over Costa Rica in first World Cup match Vorbis
2006-05-25 gumboyaya Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling found guilty Vorbis
2006-05-25 gumboyaya U.S. appeals court upholds Honolulu aerial ad ban Vorbis
2006-05-25 gumboyaya Former chaplain at Guantanamo tells about abuse and underage prisoners Vorbis
2006-05-24 gumboyaya Sir Edmund Hillary angry with mountaineers who left British climber to die Vorbis
2006-05-24 gumboyaya Major fire breaks out at Istanbul airport Vorbis
2006-05-19 nzgabriel Wellington Hurricanes in Super 14 rugby final Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork BellSouth denies phone records were handed over to the NSA Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork Australia wont take back spent Uranium Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork Australian man caught driving with no licence twice in one day Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork India postpones test-firing of Agni-III ballistic missile Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork New Zealand Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet employee named as Telecom mole Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork UN releases 2006 list of "10 stories the world should hear more about" Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Australian Mitchell Dean wins Honolulu Triathlon Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Wave of attacks strike policemen in Brazil Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Satellite phone subsidy to be extended in Australia Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Australian senator to oppose petrol deregulation Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Greek soccer Champions celebrations starring Maradona Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Fitzgerald to announce new evidence against Libby Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Mohamed ElBaradei: Highly enriched uranium found in Iran is "of little significance" Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Alonso wins Spanish GP: fans are rejoicing Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Prison riot breaks out in Haiti Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya US continues to deny Red Cross access to all detainees Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Australian govt announces proposals for copyright update, allows private recording and transfer between media Vorbis
2006-05-13 gumboyaya Giorgio Napolitano elected Italian president Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins UK hacker faces extradition to US Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Explosives stolen from California mine Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Australia will help in East Timor if requested: Downer Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Multi-Million Dollar fraud at Boston 'Big Dig' Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Last American survivor of the Titanic disaster dies Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Southern Australian munitions factory explodes Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Britney Spears announces she is pregnant again Vorbis
2006-05-09 gumboyaya Union criticizes East London Line 'privatisation' Vorbis
2006-05-09 gumboyaya Soft drink foes cheer victory, lament remaining junk foods in schools Vorbis
2006-05-09 gumboyaya Apple Corps loses court case against Apple Computers Vorbis
2006-05-08 gumboyaya Anti-censorship developers targeting China's "Great Firewall" Vorbis
2006-05-08 gumboyaya Sex-for-aid spreads in war-torn Liberia Vorbis
2006-05-08 WillJenkins March against new French copyright law Vorbis
2006-05-08 WillJenkins Rescue of Tasmanian miners delayed Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins UK Government report into UFOs released Vorbis
2006-05-07 gumboyaya Iran says it may withdraw from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins Human Rights Watch implicates 600+ in war prisoner abuse Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins 10 American soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins Australian veteran Nine Network reporter dies Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Darfur rebel leaders agree to sign peace plan Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Conservatives make gains in English local elections Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Charles Clarke loses Home Secretary position in Cabinet reshuffle, UK Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Zacarias Moussaoui to serve life in prison Vorbis
2006-05-04 gumboyaya Voting day for local elections in England Vorbis
2006-05-03 gumboyaya Drug, alcohol, tobacco abuse rising among California teens Vorbis
2006-05-03 gumboyaya Bolivian troops told to seize natural gas fields Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya London Planetarium closes to make way for celebrity-themed show Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya London hosts anti-racism concert ahead of local elections Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya Peace activist claims Iran keen to compromise on nuclear issue, Cheney, Rumsfeld allegedly block negotiations Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya Trapped Australian miners found alive Vorbis
2006-04-27 gumboyaya US Federal Reserve ceases to publish M3 index Vorbis
2006-04-26 gumboyaya Explosions rock Egyptian resort town of Dahab Vorbis
2006-04-26 gumboyaya ANZAC Day marked throughout NZ, AU Vorbis
2006-04-25 gumboyaya Microsoft and EU face off in Luxembourg court Vorbis
2006-04-24 gumboyaya Swazi King says political parties are no longer banned Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya Nigeria announces clearing of Paris Club debt Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya Pakistan says senior al-Qaeda official killed in shootout Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya Condoleezza Rice will visit Greece and Turkey Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya British National Party to tempt voters in May local elections Vorbis
2006-04-22 gumboyaya Mayan mob lynch couple in Guatemala Vorbis
2006-04-22 gumboyaya Sudan reports first bird flu case Vorbis
2006-04-21 gumboyaya Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turns 80 Vorbis
2006-04-21 gumboyaya US allegedly committed acts of violence in Iran using ex-members of MEK during past year Vorbis
2006-04-20 gumboyaya UK Political Parties discuss green issues in run up to local elections Vorbis
2006-04-20 gumboyaya New Zealand, Australia fly in extra personnel to help quell Solomon Island riots Vorbis
2006-04-19 bdude Missing nun found dead Vorbis
2006-03-19 ironiridis Queensland braces for category 5 cyclone Vorbis
2006-03-19 ironiridis Avian flu cause of Egyptian woman's death Vorbis