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2023-07-15 Sriveenkat Wikinews interviews Steven Meserve, founder of Loving Cats Worldwide, ahead of 2023 Birmingham Cat Extravaganza show
2023-07-15 Sriveenkat Twitter threatens to sue Meta over rival app Threads
2023-06-17 Ash Thawley England: West Midlands region floods amid heavy rain, high winds
2023-06-16 Ash Thawley Italy: Former PM Silvio Berlusconi dies at age 86
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2019-02-16 Neil Carmichael German migrant rescue charity renames ship after drowned Syrian toddler
2019-02-11 Neil Carmichael Pioneering oceanographer Walter Munk dies of pneumonia in California
2019-02-11 Neil Carmichael Block of flats collapses in Aleppo, killing eleven
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2016-04-25 Glenn O'Brien University defeat Toads in 2016 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union round 4
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2015-10-17 Glenn O'Brien Police shut down Edmonton pizza restaurant for illegally delivering alcohol
2015-10-09 Glenn O'Brien Three FIFA officials suspended for ninety days
2015-09-14 Glenn O'Brien Australian Liberal party change leader, Prime Minister: Turnbull replaces Abbott
2015-07-25 Glenn O'Brien University defeat Toads in 2015 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union round 17
2015-05-30 Glenn O'Brien Non-parole period extended to 43 years for Australian rapist and murderer
2015-03-04 Caitlin Golden and John Verwey Compilation of the top news stories on March 3, 2015
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2013-02-24 Robin Monks European Commission warns Eurozone economy to shrink further
2013-02-21 Robin Monks Australian Governor-General visits Wagga Wagga
2013-01-31 Chris Chapman January tornadoes, severe weather in southern, midwestern US cause fatalities
2013-01-30 Chris Chapman Queen Beatrix to abdicate throne
2013-01-28 Chris Chapman Syrian refugees continue to enter Jordan as situation becomes 'critical'
2013-01-28 Chris Chapman UK economy shrinks by 0.3% in fourth quarter of 2012
2013-01-28 Chris Chapman Mumbai 2008 attack plotter sentenced to 35 years
2013-01-27 Chris Chapman British 4G mobile spectrum auction underway
2013-01-27 Chris Chapman UK government formally launches same-sex marriage legislation in Parliament
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2012-11-16 Jimmy Carter Israel launches airstrikes against Gaza Strip, kills Hamas commander
2012-10-24 Jimmy Carter Felix Baumgartner jumps from stratosphere, breaks sound barrier
2012-09-14 Phearson ABC News yanks 20/20 investigation of Tom Cruise and Scientology
2012-09-07 Robin Monks Sandra Fluke featured speaker at Democratic National Convention
2012-08-30 Robin Monks Australia wins its first medal of the Paralympics with shooting bronze
2012-08-22 Robin Monks Pressure mounts on US Senate candidate Todd Akin to withdraw after controversial rape comments
2012-08-21 Robin Monks Greg Smith named as Australia's 2012 Paralympic Games flag-bearer
2012-08-20 Robin Monks Sydney welcomes home the Australian Olympic Team
2012-08-19 Robin Monks US Marine Corps blame deadly Morocco Osprey plane crash on pilots
2012-08-19 Robin Monks Multiple planes perform aerial spraying over greater Dallas, Texas in effort to combat mosquitoes
2012-08-18 Robin Monks News of the World Scotland editor charged with perjury, hacking
2012-08-17 Robin Monks Cities across Texas increase efforts to combat mosquitos
2012-07-28 Ryan Peteranna London Olympics organizers apologize after North Korea flag gaffe
2012-07-26 Ryan Peteranna Six die in France helicopter crash at Verdon Gorge
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2011-12-09 Ryan Peteranna Jakarta court jails six for Java bombings
2011-12-09 Ryan Peteranna Four dead as Mexico gunmen attack ambulance
2011-08-22 Phearson Libya: Rebels edge closer to Tripoli
2011-08-17 Phearson Jersey knife attack kills six
2011-07-06 Phearson Scottish university to introduce comic studies degree
2011-06-26 Robert Beck Nebraska's two nuclear plants near Omaha on alert
2011-06-26 Robert Beck US actor Peter Falk dies aged 83
2011-06-26 Robert Beck New York legalizes same-sex marriage
2011-06-26 Robert Beck FTC begins antitrust inquiry of Google
2011-06-08 Ryan Peteranna Trump criticizes media bias towards Obama, especially during UK state visit
2011-06-07 Phearson LulzSec attacks Nintendo server
2011-02-25 Aryeh Shershow Space Shuttle Discovery launches on final mission
2011-02-25 Aryeh Shershow Eleven children injured in Scottish school shooting; two teenagers detained
2011-02-24 Kevin Fields Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden
2011-02-24 Kevin Fields Pirates kill four American hostages
2011-02-24 Kevin Fields Bahrain Grand Prix cancelled amid political turmoil
2011-02-24 Kevin Fields Anti-abortion activist Bernard Nathanson dies aged 84
2011-02-22 Aryeh Shershow Egyptian man names daughter 'Facebook'
2011-02-22 Kevin Fields Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits New Zealand's South Island; deaths confirmed
2011-02-22 Kevin Fields Libya blocks access to Internet
2011-02-21 Kevin Fields Music duo The Bellamy Brothers accuse Britney Spears of plagiarism
2011-02-21 Kevin Fields Ten children killed in Estonian orphanage fire
2011-02-21 Kevin Fields NASCAR: Trevor Bayne wins the 2011 Daytona 500
2011-02-21 Kevin Fields 38 killed in attack on Afghani bank
2011-02-19 Ryan Peteranna Kuwait stateless protest for rights
2011-02-18 Kevin Fields Australian town to change name to promote road safety
2011-02-18 Kevin Fields 2011 BRIT Awards highlights
2011-02-18 Kevin Fields Yale University builds world's first anti-laser
2011-02-17 Kevin Fields Egyptian military appoints committee to amend constitution
2011-02-17 Kevin Fields Fifteen receive US Presidential Medal of Freedom
2011-02-17 Kevin Fields UK inflation rate increases to 4%
2011-02-15 Kevin Fields UK Prince William picks brother Harry to be best man at royal wedding
2011-02-14 Kevin Fields NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. earns 2011 Daytona 500 pole
2011-02-14 Kevin Fields Four found dead in Leicestershire, England
2011-02-14 Kevin Fields Canadian rapper Bad News Brown murdered in Montreal
2011-02-14 Kevin Fields Canada's social insurance assets pass $140 billion in fourth quarter
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2010-08-09 Thorsteinn Malmjursson Papua New Guinea Culture and Tourism minister charged with attempted murder
2010-02-12 Ryan Peteranna Walter Frederick Morrison, inventor of frisbee, dies at age 90
2010-02-11 Ryan Peteranna UK loses appeal to conceal Binyam Mohamed torture
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2009-12-26 James Pain Failed bomb aboard Delta flight
2009-12-26 James Pain American actor Charlie Sheen arrested
2009-12-24 Ryan Peteranna Two killed, 47 injured in coach crash in Cornwall, England
2009-10-15 Ryan Peteranna Leona Lewis assaulted at book signing in London, England
2009-09-23 Matthew Gall Chess grandmasters Kasparov and Karpov play match in Spain
2009-09-23 Matthew Gall Red dust storm engulfs Sydney, Australia
2009-09-23 Matthew Gall Activists claim police harrassment as G20 summit nears
2009-09-23 Matthew Gall Germany threatens to walk out of UN General Assembly if Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust
2009-09-23 Matthew Gall Michael Jackson film "This Is It" to be premiered in at least 15 world cities simultaneously
2009-09-23 Matthew Gall Images show new dimension to Saturn's rings
2009-09-22 Matthew Gall UK scientists advise heart attack-susceptible to get flu shot
2009-07-21 James Pain Black spot on Jupiter is impact site, says NASA
2009-07-21 James Pain Workers at England wind turbine plant stage occupation
2009-07-17 Killing Vector Former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani leads Friday prayers
2009-07-13 Killing Vector Former president Rafsanjani to lead Friday Iran prayers
2009-06-20 James Pain Violence in Iran increases
2009-06-20 James Pain EPA declares 'emergency' asbestos cleanup in Montana town
2009-06-20 James Pain Two British hostages feared dead after bodies found in Iraq
2009-06-20 James Pain Hackers attack Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting website
2009-06-19 James Pain Historic building in Moscow collapses, three people killed
2009-06-19 James Pain Porsche automaker's global sales drop 28%
2009-06-19 James Pain U.K. MPs' expenses to be investigated by police
2009-06-19 James Pain Health and safety culture is damaging children's learning in the UK, survey suggests
2009-06-19 James Pain Fans worldwide queue for new iPhone
2009-06-19 James Pain U.S. Conference Board says leading economic indicators rose 1.2% in May
2009-06-19 James Pain Tensions rise between North Korea and United States
2009-06-19 James Pain World War One veteran becomes world's oldest man
2009-06-19 James Pain U.S. President Barack Obama fires Inspector General Gerald Walpin amid controversy
2009-06-19 James Pain Canada's supercomputer goes online
2009-06-18 James Pain Aviation experts suggest Air France Flight 447 broke up in midair
2009-06-17 James Pain Study says nearly every species of animal engages in homosexual behavior
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2008-10-21 Gordolamb Canadian farmer vows to continue providing customers with raw milk despite order
2008-10-17 Ottre IMF prepares to help Hungary and Ukraine
2008-10-11 George W. Bush Bush attempts to reassure Americans in radio address
2008-10-11 Kevin Fields PAD plan protest for Monday; Thai political crisis ongoing
2008-10-11 Kevin Fields Iceland and United Kingdom in diplomatic dispute over financial crisis
2008-10-11 Kevin Fields Police in Bathurst, NSW assaulted with "sex toy"
2008-10-11 Kevin Fields 'Troopergate' investigation finds Palin abused her power
2008-10-11 Kevin Fields G7 says "all available tools" will be used to solve crisis
2008-10-10 Kevin Fields Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Martti Ahtisaari, Finnish top diplomat
2008-10-10 Kevin Fields WTO calls meeting on trade finance and economic crisis
2008-10-10 Kevin Fields France claims Russia has violated some terms of ceasefire with Georgia
2008-10-10 Kevin Fields Global markets plunge
2008-10-10 Kevin Fields Hampshire councils have £3 million invested in Icelandic banks
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields Markets down across the world; Dow Jones falls below 9,000
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields IMF: World on brink of recession; prepares special loan program
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields Rap music fan sentenced to Beethoven, pays fine instead
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields Iceland nationalises Kaupthing Bank
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields Leading Sky News anchor Bob Friend dies at age 70
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields US presidential candidate Barack Obama has 50% support
2008-10-09 Kevin Fields Zimbabwe cancels education year for 4.5 million after political & economic troubles
2008-10-08 Kevin Fields Dozens injured by sudden change in altitude on Qantas jet
2008-10-08 Kevin Fields Passenger plane crashes in Nepal killing 18
2008-10-08 Kevin Fields Icelandic Internet bank suspends UK accounts
2008-10-08 Kevin Fields Central banks worldwide cut interest rates
2008-10-07 Kevin Fields Icelandic Internet bank suspends UK accounts
2008-10-07 Kevin Fields Stock markets worldwide continue to fall
2008-09-22 Kevin Fields South African couple killed after being hit by train while having sex
2008-09-22 Kevin Fields 2% of British pound coins are counterfeit according to research
2008-09-21 Kevin Fields CCTV footage shows bombing of Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan
2008-09-21 Kevin Fields Two people die in bus crash in North Yorkshire
2008-09-21 Kevin Fields KJ Noons stripped of EliteXC Lightweight Title
2008-09-21 Kevin Fields Rumors of Oprah Winfrey's death a hoax
2008-09-21 Kevin Fields Accidental email brings product placement agency under fire
2008-09-21 Kevin Fields WWE SmackDown Results from Nashville, TN for September 19, 2008
2008-09-21 Joseph Ford Alaskan Governor and Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's email account hacked
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields Marriott Hotel in Islamabad bombed
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields Website of Bill O'Reilly, FOX News commentator, hacked in retribution
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields United Nations requests US$700 million in aid for East Africa to avoid famine
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields 15 killed, 30 injured attempting to steal fuel from train in India
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields 'Buried' video surfaces of police making mass arrests during the Republican National Convention
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields World record set for balloon blowing with nose, on US talk show
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields Somali pirates seize Greek freighter, 25 crew in the Gulf of Aden
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields Markets rally as world's central banks infuse cash
2008-09-20 Kevin Fields New I-35W Minneapolis bridge opens
2008-09-17 Kevin Fields Controversy after leak of preliminary report into Spanair disaster
2008-09-17 Kevin Fields WWE Raw Results from Memphis, TN for September 15, 2008
2008-09-17 Kevin Fields Discovery sheds light on flow of water in carbon nanotubes
2008-09-17 Kevin Fields Russian stock markets suspended amid market turmoil
2008-09-17 Kevin Fields Stock markets worldwide fall dramatically
2008-09-17 Kevin Fields US Federal Reserve prepares to take over AIG
2008-09-16 Kevin Fields Large particle accelerators to explore the frontiers of physics
2008-09-16 Kevin Fields Economics take over Canadian leaders' talking points
2008-09-16 Kevin Fields Zimbabwean rivals sign power sharing deal
2008-09-16 Kevin Fields Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy
2008-09-16 Kevin Fields IMF and EU approve aid for Georgia
2008-09-15 Kevin Fields Despite threats, "Alaska Women Reject Palin" rally held
2008-09-15 Kevin Fields Libertarian National Committee in a deadlock over how to address growing Bob Barr controversies
2008-09-14 Kevin Fields Researcher claims unmarked grave contains 1950 Lake Michigan plane crash victims
2008-09-14 Kevin Fields Noel Edmonds, British TV presenter, starts boycott of TV license fee in UK
2008-09-14 Kevin Fields New polls show third party U.S. presidential candidates varying radically in popularity
2008-09-14 Kevin Fields Plans set in motion for the removal of Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party's U.S. presidential nominee
2008-09-14 Kevin Fields Russian Boeing 737 crashes with 88 aboard
2008-09-14 Kevin Fields Work on Lehman Brothers’ rescue to continue over weekend
2008-09-13 Kevin Fields Los Angeles commuter train collides with freight train; over two dozen killed
2008-09-04 James_Pain Sony recalls 440,000 laptops due to wiring faults
2008-09-04 James_Pain DHS relies on Wikipedia for asylum information, appeals court rules against use
2008-09-03 James_Pain UN aid plane crash kills 17 in Democratic Republic of the Congo
2008-09-02 James_Pain Google launches web browser, dubbed Chrome
2008-09-02 James_Pain Sinkhole reported in Buffalo, New York
2008-07-24 newmanbe Marathon runner addresses Toronto, bringing attention to autism
2008-07-24 newmanbe Palestinian official newspapers: Israel uses super rats against Jerusalem Arabs
2008-05-23 Adambro United Kingdom opposition leader states commitment to keeping Scotland part of the Union
2008-05-19 MikeDanko 20 killed and over 40 missing as overcrowded bus crashes into Nepal river
2008-05-19 MikeDanko Chinese quake death toll nears 32,500, as a major aftershock occurs and mourning begins
2008-04-11 Munchkinguy Man alleged to be former US prisoner faces 21 charges in Gambia
2008-03-31 Spaceboyjosh Zimbabwe opposition claims early victory in election
2008-02-07 newmanbe Mitt Romney suspends his United States presidential campaign
2008-02-06 newmanbe UK firm designs hypersonic passenger jet
2008-02-06 newmanbe Space shuttle Atlantis set for launch with Columbus module
2008-01-24 Skenmy Gaming executives gather for the 2008 Taipei Game Show
2008-01-24 Skenmy "Bond 22" name revealed
2008-01-24 Skenmy Pakistan army says scores of Islamic militants killed, captured
2008-01-24 Skenmy Texas UFOs were actually jets, Air Force says
2008-01-24 Skenmy Italy's PM Prodi faces confidence vote
2008-01-23 Skenmy "Anonymous" releases statements outlining "War on Scientology"
2008-01-23 Skenmy Residents of Gaza enter Egypt after destruction of border wall
2008-01-23 Skenmy Iraq removes Saddam references from flag
2008-01-13 SU182 Bodies of 2 children allegedly thrown from bridge are found
2008-01-13 SU182 Bush warns gulf States of Iran 'threat'
2008-01-11 WillJenkins Sir Edmund Hillary dead at 88
2008-01-10 WillJenkins British troops may have received contaminated blood from American donors
2008-01-09 WillJenkins Apple to lower UK iTunes prices
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2007-12-03 Privatemusings Uranium smugglers arrested in Slovakia and Hungary
2007-12-03 Privatemusings World AIDS Day events held around the globe
2007-10-28 Davumaya Rumors false about Britney Spears on Sesame Street
2007-10-18 Davumaya John Reed on Orwell, God, self-destruction and the future of writing
2007-10-18 Davumaya Sam Brownback on running for President, gay rights, the Middle East and religion
2007-07-16 Daniel AFC Asian Cup: Saudi Arabia edge out Indonesia, Uzbekistan trounce Malaysia
2007-07-13 newmanbe Network Rail employee arrested in connection with Cumbrian train crash
2007-07-12 newmanbe Study links breast cancer to high meat consumption
2007-07-11 newmanbe Empty tower at Miami International Airport catches fire
2007-07-11 newmanbe Top two aides quit US presidential candidate McCain's campaign
2007-07-11 newmanbe Reporter Amy Jacobson leaves WMAQ over controversial video
2007-07-10 newmanbe NASA readies Mars lander for launch
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2006-12-07 Nzgabriel Two prisoners fell unconscious while transported in New Zealand Vorbis
2006-11-07 Nzgabriel Possible stadium in Auckland for 2011 rugby world cup Vorbis
2006-11-04 Nzgabriel Telecom New Zealand to sell Yellow Page Group Vorbis
2006-11-03 Nzgabriel Pizza 'lust' campaign attracts numerous complaints Vorbis
2006-11-03 Nzgabriel Clint Brown, ex NZ TV presenter, investigation complete Vorbis
2006-11-03 Nzgabriel New Zealand media sick after testing water filter Vorbis
2006-11-02 Nzgabriel Consumers' Institute: decline in New Zealand Internet satisfaction Vorbis
2006-10-18 Nzgabriel New Zealand Labour party sells pledge card Vorbis
2006-09-21 Nzgabriel New Zealand songwriter Don McGlashan wins second Silver Scroll Vorbis
2006-09-17 Skenmy PDPC President Rob Levin has died Vorbis
2006-09-11 Tdxiang Crocodile Hunter's Steve Irwin dies at 44 Vorbis
2006-08-11 Nzgabriel Greens Party refines 'Buy Kiwi Made' scheme Vorbis
2006-08-01 Mike Danko Fidel Castro temporarily hands power to his brother Raul Vorbis
2006-07-22 Mike Danko Jewel in King Tut's necklace created by possible asteroid impact Vorbis
2006-07-22 Mike Danko Earthquake strikes off Indonesia Vorbis
2006-07-22 Mike Danko Somali Islamists halt peace talks with government Vorbis
2006-07-21 Paul Robinson Microsoft to buy back US$40 B of its stock over 5 years Vorbis
2006-07-17 mikedanko Hooters Chairman dead at 69 Vorbis
2006-07-17 mikedanko Rocket-launcher weilding gunmen massacre 60 at market in Mahmoudiya,_Iraq Vorbis
2006-07-16 gumboyaya Israeli railroad station hit by Hezbollah rockets. Nine dead, 22 injured. Vorbis
2006-07-16 gumboyaya 20 fleeing Lebanese villagers killed by Israeli missile Vorbis
2006-07-15 gumboyaya Hezbollah-Israel conflict continues, Israel ultimatum to Syria Vorbis
2006-07-14 gumboyaya Israel-Hezbollah war continues for a third day Vorbis
2006-07-11 nzgabriel Auckland Zoo otter Jin has been found alive Vorbis
2006-07-03 gumboyaya Full-length open source movie ‘Boy Who Never Slept’ is released online Vorbis
2006-06-24 Skenmy France qualify with 2-0 win over Togo in Group G Vorbis
2006-06-24 Skenmy Switzerland shut door on Korea Republic 2-0 in Group G Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Sealand wrecked by fire Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Spain edge out Saudi Arabia 1-0 in Group H Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Ukraine advance after win against Tunisia in Group H Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins Film project aims to raise £1 million to make a Creative Commons-licensed film Vorbis
2006-06-23 Skenmy Pluto's moons named Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins Cadbury's recall over 1 million chocolate bars over salmonella fears Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins KLM flight makes emergency landing on Eindhoven Airport Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins FOX to produce new 'Futurama' episodes Vorbis
2006-06-23 WillJenkins Australian Internet filters "belated": Opposition Vorbis
2006-06-22 WillJenkins "Avast ye scurvy file sharers!": Interview with Swedish Pirate Party leader Rickard Falkvinge Vorbis
2006-06-18 WillJenkins The second-oldest British survivor of World War I turns 108 Vorbis
2006-06-09 gumboyaya Germany wins, 4-2 over Costa Rica in first World Cup match Vorbis
2006-05-25 gumboyaya Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling found guilty Vorbis
2006-05-25 gumboyaya U.S. appeals court upholds Honolulu aerial ad ban Vorbis
2006-05-25 gumboyaya Former chaplain at Guantanamo tells about abuse and underage prisoners Vorbis
2006-05-24 gumboyaya Sir Edmund Hillary angry with mountaineers who left British climber to die Vorbis
2006-05-24 gumboyaya Major fire breaks out at Istanbul airport Vorbis
2006-05-19 nzgabriel Wellington Hurricanes in Super 14 rugby final Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork BellSouth denies phone records were handed over to the NSA Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork Australia wont take back spent Uranium Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork Australian man caught driving with no licence twice in one day Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork India postpones test-firing of Agni-III ballistic missile Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork New Zealand Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet employee named as Telecom mole Vorbis
2006-05-15 NorkNork UN releases 2006 list of "10 stories the world should hear more about" Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Australian Mitchell Dean wins Honolulu Triathlon Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Wave of attacks strike policemen in Brazil Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Satellite phone subsidy to be extended in Australia Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Australian senator to oppose petrol deregulation Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Greek soccer Champions celebrations starring Maradona Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Fitzgerald to announce new evidence against Libby Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Mohamed ElBaradei: Highly enriched uranium found in Iran is "of little significance" Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Alonso wins Spanish GP: fans are rejoicing Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Prison riot breaks out in Haiti Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya US continues to deny Red Cross access to all detainees Vorbis
2006-05-15 gumboyaya Australian govt announces proposals for copyright update, allows private recording and transfer between media Vorbis
2006-05-13 gumboyaya Giorgio Napolitano elected Italian president Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins UK hacker faces extradition to US Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Explosives stolen from California mine Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Australia will help in East Timor if requested: Downer Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Multi-Million Dollar fraud at Boston 'Big Dig' Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Last American survivor of the Titanic disaster dies Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Southern Australian munitions factory explodes Vorbis
2006-05-10 WillJenkins Britney Spears announces she is pregnant again Vorbis
2006-05-09 gumboyaya Union criticizes East London Line 'privatisation' Vorbis
2006-05-09 gumboyaya Soft drink foes cheer victory, lament remaining junk foods in schools Vorbis
2006-05-09 gumboyaya Apple Corps loses court case against Apple Computers Vorbis
2006-05-08 gumboyaya Anti-censorship developers targeting China's "Great Firewall" Vorbis
2006-05-08 gumboyaya Sex-for-aid spreads in war-torn Liberia Vorbis
2006-05-08 WillJenkins March against new French copyright law Vorbis
2006-05-08 WillJenkins Rescue of Tasmanian miners delayed Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins UK Government report into UFOs released Vorbis
2006-05-07 gumboyaya Iran says it may withdraw from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins Human Rights Watch implicates 600+ in war prisoner abuse Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins 10 American soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan Vorbis
2006-05-07 WillJenkins Australian veteran Nine Network reporter dies Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Darfur rebel leaders agree to sign peace plan Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Conservatives make gains in English local elections Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Charles Clarke loses Home Secretary position in Cabinet reshuffle, UK Vorbis
2006-05-05 gumboyaya Zacarias Moussaoui to serve life in prison Vorbis
2006-05-04 gumboyaya Voting day for local elections in England Vorbis
2006-05-03 gumboyaya Drug, alcohol, tobacco abuse rising among California teens Vorbis
2006-05-03 gumboyaya Bolivian troops told to seize natural gas fields Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya London Planetarium closes to make way for celebrity-themed show Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya London hosts anti-racism concert ahead of local elections Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya Peace activist claims Iran keen to compromise on nuclear issue, Cheney, Rumsfeld allegedly block negotiations Vorbis
2006-05-02 gumboyaya Trapped Australian miners found alive Vorbis
2006-04-27 gumboyaya US Federal Reserve ceases to publish M3 index Vorbis
2006-04-26 gumboyaya Explosions rock Egyptian resort town of Dahab Vorbis
2006-04-26 gumboyaya ANZAC Day marked throughout NZ, AU Vorbis
2006-04-25 gumboyaya Microsoft and EU face off in Luxembourg court Vorbis
2006-04-24 gumboyaya Swazi King says political parties are no longer banned Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya Nigeria announces clearing of Paris Club debt Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya Pakistan says senior al-Qaeda official killed in shootout Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya Condoleezza Rice will visit Greece and Turkey Vorbis
2006-04-23 gumboyaya British National Party to tempt voters in May local elections Vorbis
2006-04-22 gumboyaya Mayan mob lynch couple in Guatemala Vorbis
2006-04-22 gumboyaya Sudan reports first bird flu case Vorbis
2006-04-21 gumboyaya Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turns 80 Vorbis
2006-04-21 gumboyaya US allegedly committed acts of violence in Iran using ex-members of MEK during past year Vorbis
2006-04-20 gumboyaya UK Political Parties discuss green issues in run up to local elections Vorbis
2006-04-20 gumboyaya New Zealand, Australia fly in extra personnel to help quell Solomon Island riots Vorbis
2006-04-19 bdude Missing nun found dead Vorbis
2006-03-19 ironiridis Queensland braces for category 5 cyclone Vorbis
2006-03-19 ironiridis Avian flu cause of Egyptian woman's death Vorbis
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2005-11-26 Messedrocker EU cuts sugar subsidies Vorbis
2005-11-26 Messedrocker Turkey found buried alive in an Austin, Texas yard Vorbis
2005-10-07 Flying Canuck Strong earthquake hits Pakistan, north India, Afghanistan Vorbis
2005-09-23 Brian McNeil World Food Program told to leave North Korea Vorbis
2005-09-23 Brian McNeil India subsidizes girls' education to offset gender imbalance Vorbis
2005-09-22 Brian McNeil London bomb suspect returned from Italy Vorbis
2005-09-21 American-fm FDA to incinerate foreign aid meant for victims of Hurricane Katrina Vorbis
2005-09-17 Messedrocker Apple may build cameras into Macs Vorbis
2005-09-15 AMERICAN-FM US state of Texas executes woman convicted of murdering family Vorbis
2005-08-30 Chiacomo Louisiana locked down; New Orleans could become a "toxic soup" Vorbis
2005-08-24 Chiacomo UK guinea pig farm to close after owner's family grave robbed Vorbis
2005-08-23 Chiacomo Dance party broken up by police in Utah, USA Vorbis
2005-08-23 Chiacomo 'Piano Man' released from hospital, returns home to Germany Vorbis
2005-08-22 MrMiscellanious Last Gaza settlement cleared, West Bank towns prepare to resist Vorbis
2005-08-20 Chiacomo Document reveals U.S., Taliban discussed bin Laden assassination Vorbis
2005-08-12 Leofan7 Prices at the pump spike overnight in U.S. Vorbis
2005-08-11 Cllewr Slovenian alpinist rescued from Himalayan peak Vorbis
2005-08-10 Leofan7 Volcanic activity expands McDonald Island off Australia Vorbis
2005-08-09 Dvortygirl Reports indicate Bush appointing friend to lead Plame inquiry Vorbis
2005-08-09 Dvortygirl Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 landing postponed for weather Vorbis
2005-08-08 Cllewr ABC News anchor, Peter Jennings dies at 67 Vorbis
2005-08-07 MrMiscellanious Ibrahim Ferrer dies at 79 Vorbis
2005-08-06 Cllewr Robin Cook dead after collapsing Vorbis
2005-08-04 TUFKAAP London 21 July suspect claims device was 'flour bomb' Vorbis
2005-07-29 Dvortygirl Twenty injured by tornado in Birmingham, UK Vorbis