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These templates exist in the template namespace but are not yet listed under Wikinews:Template messages. Please help contributors find them by categorizing them appropriately. You can use the corresponding pages on Wikipedia as a good start for creating any missing category pages (remember to update all links to point to Wikinews).

If you find a template that should be deleted rather than categorized, list it on Wikinews:Deletion requests.

If you've categorized a template, remove it from this list. Redirects for templates can simply be removed without categorization. Once it is empty, this list can be deleted.

{{Category note}}
{{Charity disclaimer}}
{{Developing stories}}
{{How to write an article}}
{{Latest news Sandbox3}}
{{Month header}}
{{More recent}}
{{Original reporting}}
Don't Use (redirect). Use {{Topic}} instead
{{Proposed policy}}
{{Review outline}}
{{Tsunami Relief Effort}}
{{Tsunami Relief Effort ID}}
{{Tsunami Relief Effort Ms}}
{{Tsunami Relief Effort ZH}}
{{Tsunami Warranty Disclaimer}}
{{Water cooler}}
{{Weather World}}