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Analysis article of top football betting masters (More.....) Introduce myself first: (1) In addition to women, I like to study gambling skills the most. (2) I am a bettor of the Data Analysis School. I believe that everything has data to look for. I believe the data will be repeated. (3) I have not bought a horse year. The reason for not buying is to win a sum of money. In addition, buying a horse is a too complicated game. Both mental and physical strength are extremely heavy loads; (4) After buying the ball for more than 2 years, the surplus still continues to grow, from the initial few hundred yuan to more than one million; Why do you want to share my betting strategy for everyone? Because I bought the ball from the time I bought the horse, I saw too many people lose, but they don’t know why they will lose..True It’s dead, I don’t know what’s going on...Of course, everyone has their own set of betting experience, and I absolutely respect it. Everyone's betting experience, but if the younger brother shares my personal little success experience with everyone, I hope to have some friends Point inspiration / introspection, and thus gain something, then it is also a feedback to the community. The so-called: money alone can not earn I want everyone to earn together. In short, everyone who agrees with my ignorance will take a look. If you don't agree with it, it will be that I am farting. Idle If you take a break, you will return. Ignorance believes that as a successful betting master, of course, there must be some necessary factors, such as (A) Cost; (B) detailed betting plan; (C) stable psychological quality; etc...But I used to buy horses. And now buy the ball, I think there are two betting people's dead points, in fact, must be broken, otherwise it may be difficult to win big cash These two dead points are: 1) Lose and want to win back At first glance, this is a natural thing.., but going to the past will make the bettor The more you lose, the more you can do. The way to deal with you is to have a full betting strategy, which has time, goals, and If you have a good stability, you will not be affected by "losing money", so you will lose more. 2) I don’t dare to buy it. The common people have the illusion that the heat will be a greater chance than the cold; Or the hotter the chance...The result will be hot, buy more, or buy it all.., but even if it’s unpopular, Buy, just a small note...This is really hard to win money...Because in mathematics (don't forget that I am data Analysis of the faction, the opportunity for hot and cold should be the same (taking the host and guest as an example, the same is 1/3). Such as a simple and simple exercise Everyone try: I have $200 to buy a horse, to buy a Q one for two, one for Q eight times, one for twenty times, how would you Going to buy it?The younger brother's ball buying process is divided into three parts: (A) pre-match analysis; (B) betting; (C) match Post review Let me first explain how I did the pre-match analysis: I believe that every brother will "analyze" the game before buying the ball..need Otherwise how can I buy it?But what about everyone's "analysis"?You will go to "analyze" a game from that aspect. What?When you go to implement a ball to buy, what reason is there to support you to buy this ball?I have seen many players all It is a famous team or a favorite team, they will only keep on chasing. I have also seen the main win/customer win. In short, Lin Mr. Lin, there are people everywhere. Of course, I won’t comment on how you go to the "Division" game, but I will be from the following fourteen parties. Go to study each ball. (1) Nearly ten events; (2) Master/Away scores; (3) The main/away field scores; (4) Main/away game mode; (4) Main/away game mode; (5) Main/away game mode (6) The results of the two sides in the past five years (7) the next opponent; (8) Injured soldiers (including the lineup); (9) weather; The above nine aspects do not need to be explained too much. There are many brothers who have done a lot better than me. But what I want to say is The next five aspects. (10) Odds It’s not just the odds of the host and the Asian and Asian, but also the reference to the different dealers. Odds In addition, we must also consider the past performance of the team under the odds of this situation. In addition, the odds change on the spot is also a References (11) The route ~~ is not just the most recent or current season, it must look at the past for the same opponent, and the main / On the road of the road; I will also summarize the previous course of the team at the same time as a reference; (12) Guess the coaching idea (target) So simple, just assume that you are the leader of the team, you will be What kind of goal will this game have?Of course, no coach wants to lose...But we must all look at reality. Have a coaching In some games, I really want to score a point, of course, it will be reflected in the lineup. (13) Recent team news Has the team had positive/negative news recently?Will be the player Morale and so on, more or less have an impact. The most classic one is the Champions League last year, the road home vs. Cedars, the car ball The suspect was plagued by suspected rape and the result was much colder than Cedars. (14) The possibility of a fake ball~~ This is really a "kao guess", ..So purely a reference...However, Corresponding to the odds, there are some clues to see some.., Maybe everyone will definitely "analyze" some of the above aspects when "analysing" the game, and in some ways," The analysis "made a conclusion and went to buy a ball. But what I want to raise is that one of the two aspects (FACTOR) has a team ProsIn fact, not all FACTORS are beneficial to that team. Often many friends just because they only see one or two A favorable FACTORS did not see those unfavorable FACTORS, thus making a wrong bet decision. My "analysis" method is: in a wave, as much as possible to integrate more actors, which team is beneficial to the actors How many teams do you buy? But please note the following: There are dozens of balls every day on Saturdays and Sundays. It is impossible to "analyze" all of them. Therefore, it is only necessary to concentrate on firepower "analysis". Some of the more familiar leagues (such as the four major leagues); ~~Every time after the game review (for example, the review/concealed mode), it can actually help the next pre-match analysis. Of(Practice to log in: registration to send 250 dollars.) Maybe a friend will ask / yell at me, it will take so much time to win, maybe it’s worth less, worth it?Time is money AaaaarghMy attitude is: if you don’t work hard, you can get the world’s money. .Money...If you are not familiar with it If you think about it, you are not a wise person.I used to bet on horse racing and I won a lot of it. I My friend will say that I am "good luck"...But I will only calmly say to them: I am not lucky, when I study hard, You can't see it...The money I won back is really not for nothing. This time I will share the 40 FACTORS I have to pay attention to when betting. These 40 FACTORS are actually worn out. What you should do when you are betting, what you should not do, or what you should have when you place your bet and what you should not have. the wind. So there are actually 20 FACTORS, separated and positive (must/avoid) on both sides. (1) Must: Betting Avoid: betting single head Football odds are not as good as horse racing, horse racing can be bet on a WQ, etc., may have a good return; but wave you Buy a single head, can you win a few more money first?So to buy a wave to win, you must buy a pass. Is it suitable for a few times? What?I have a friend of readings who has carefully analyzed it with me. In fact, the relationship between the three levels and the fourth is most suitable, regardless of the risk and The return is relatively balanced. (2) Must: Unpopular avoidance: popular clearance It doesn't mean to buy all the unpopular passes...Hot, buy it...And the popularity of the game before the game is absolutely positive, At the same time, you can buy a value with a rate. If you buy buried d: 1.2x1.35x1.4.,.In the middle Meat on the left (But it’s like how many people will buy brown.., because I fell into the left, I originally talked about 2 Betting on one of the dead points: cold, dare to buy, heat thinks that the hotter the more stable (3) Must: Two flaps to avoid: single pass This is a bit more to share. To buy a 3x1 as an example, if you buy only one for each level, the chance ratio is more. Less?In fact, it is only 1/27. Because every betkeeper has only one chance (33.33%) chance, the Jockey Club / The dealer has two flaps (66.66%) to win your money...Bad to the bettor...The opportunity in the middle is actually big. .., leaf spotting will be a bettor from disadvantage to advantage? If I am in the 3 levels, there are 2 levels to choose two, then the chance will be increased to 4/27, than three Only one shot is four times higher than the one. But maybe you will ask: To buy 4 flying, 坩 本 this...In addition, the cost is big, The return is also low.., I will think about it: I’m wrong, there is only one of the four flights that I bought, there is a chance, full. There are three things that will be wasted, but I also forget that I have 4 chances to win money, compared to only!Have a "sole" opportunity Can you win the money, will the microphone be much better?In addition, the problem of less return is wrong, because the principal is more, naturally The percentage of the return will be fine, but I will ask another question. I want to buy the wave system and think about the "medium wave" first?"Zhongbo" is a must What is needed. Suppose someone buys a 3x1 and it will be 30 times, but someone used the above method to buy four 3x1. In the end, there are 8 times, will you buy it?I will definitely pick the latter, because it is most important to "中波"...Front As long as the "open side" is few...Even if there are 30,000 times there are...Because it is "in the middle" (4) Must: cold and hot Avoid: cold and hot Suppose you use the above principle to buy four 3X1, the odds are: 22 times 20 times 18 times 16 times I will definitely buy 22 times and 20 times the two to buy more D, 18 times and 16 times the two buy less D There are many leaf points.Is there a small amount of brown?I will generally buy it with the weight of (4, 3, 2, 1). That is, I will use the $1000 to buy these four three levels within the plan, so I will use $400, $300, respectively. $200, $100 different bet to buy, definitely not to buy with average (ie $250) (5) Must: Make up bets Avoid: Forgetting bets Using the above example, some friends may ask: The proportion of the solution must be (4, 3, 2, 1) sister?I use (5, 3.5,1,0.5) Is it OK?If you beat, you can win more D...But I forgot to forget my god. However, I want to place a bet on it.But if the side D...I may win more money in my place...But at least you can Lose money...If you really open that 0.5, you will lose $200 left...The so-called Zhongsanguan has to lose money...How Leafy low energy rack Another question: Is it four? It’s a problem analyzed before the game. It’s not part of the investment. Incorrect If you lose the money in the 0.5, it will be a part of the bet, because there is a backup bet, blind pursuit High return. (6) Must: less to fight more Avoid: less effort This seems simple on the surface, but just a lot of friends will make mistakes. Without him, it is only a small profit. Three Kingdoms In the Romance, Cao* once commented on Yuan Shao, who was strong at the time, and Cao*’s Yuan Shao: Xiaoli’s life was hard.Big profit Fear (About the meaning of morphine). Many people are willing to buy Manchester United 1.5 times W for 10,000 yuan, thinking that it is hard to win...But even if you win, you get 50% s return?It’s totally worth it. (7) Must: The cost must be avoided: live and live Investment bets are good, the most important thing is to have the capital, this is the constant law of Heng Gu. I have two understandings about the cost. (A) The amount of capital has a lot to do with your savings. The more you bet the money on your savings, the better. Suppose you have 1 With a savings of 10,000 yuan, only 10,000 yuan will be used for betting, and the corresponding psychological burden will be the top ten. In addition, even if the real system loses 1 Wan, Du Zhong can have the opportunity to use another 10,000 to carry out another plan. If you start with 35,000 yuan, you will be psychologically negative. Most of the meetings are carried out. It is more difficult to carry out another plan after losing the sun. (B) If you have enough money, if you live and buy it, you will easily miss some chances of winning, or win less or Buried in the land; so I have a premise that some friends who want to learn to buy waves with me, I first asked them to do the savings (of course if If you have savings, you will be asked to pay for it. Those meals and meals are clear, I am calling I am eager to buy waves. (8) Must: set goals to avoid: no goals Any plan must have a goal, and the betting plan is also an exception. A lot of friends only hope: win more D.Win more wins d.This It is not a target, it is just a desire. The goal of achieving a plan is to have methods, steps, and time. Take me as an example, I 2 years ago, I used 10,000 yuan to make the cost. The target is to increase the accumulated surplus to 50,000 in 3 months. If I reach it earlier, I will make another goal. The target cannot be finalized and revised. (9) Must: Stop Loss Budget Avoid: no stop loss With the cost, with the goal, to stop the budget. I often ask myself and my friends, the money will be going to bet a few After many times (days), will it lose the sun (let's call it "delete ratio one--LRR")?I am set to 20 myself. Take 10,000 for example, 20 times will be in the sun, so I will bet $500 each time. Of course, you can choose LRR to enter some Or be conservative. In addition, when 10,000 yuan is really in the air, will there be another bet plan?I will, but I will not have 2 More than one time. (10) Must: keep the bet Avoid: the note is erratic This is really to be shared in detail. Let's talk about the erratic note: the meaning is to increase/decrease each time according to your likes and dislikes. Note code. The browns violated the entire betting plan. But in the betting plan, there will be different things for each bet, so Details will be given below. The meaning of keeping the code is actually to keep the LRR. Suppose the bet loses, the surplus is less than 10,000, each The bet of $500 will not be reduced because there is LRR=20. But what if the surplus is positive?For example, go to $15000, my LRR is unchanged (in fact, I have been changing LRR all the time), every time I bet $750. The surplus goes to $50000 and the bet is $2500 per bet. The snowball is going to keep rolling. However, This will lead to three fatal problems/psychological disorders (A) Winning left money, naturally want to spend flowers, this is human nature, but also a good thing. But actually win the left and go to spend Left, disguised in the plan is less left-handed, and earnings growth will slow down. I’m going to take the final goal of everyone’s betting. The system is closed. If your goal is to have time to spend money, then there is nothing wrong with it. But I.., my ultimate goal Simple, I hope to retire early, I will read: I’m hard to do the analysis before the game, I want to be able to get back early. Hugh...So I will squander those surpluses. I will stay in my money and continue to roll. (B) I am afraid of offending the sentence, I believe that most of my brothers may not be big bosses..,.Monthly labor is believed to be a few Thousands to tens of thousands of hanging masters. When the surplus is big, the LRR is unchanged. In fact, every time a bet may be equal to (or exceeds) you. Months of artificial. Every time you buy according to the plan, you may do it once or twice, but you may not get it the next time.If plus It’s even more frustrating to bury the bet for three days. Ye is actually a human nature. I have encountered this situation myself. condition. But I will read it at the time: I am convinced that my betting strategy is awkward. I am going to continue, and I have to retreat. Another friend Friends will be surprised to ask me: Hey, you buy a wave of 2, 3 million sharp racks in one day.. I may explain the same at that time. I have a whole set of betting strategies, so I can only answer: But if you win $500 left, would you mind losing $20or$30?However, I don't mind. My girlfriend: The same sister. There is a surplus of 500,000, and I will (should) mind losing 20,000 or 30,000? (C) When the profit keeps growing, it will not read more than Zuo Ye...For example, Xinxiong hopes to buy a big D...Keep container sealed Keeping hope and holding the victory...Buying a thin left.., there will be a "cutting black" party, take some of it out, then lose the Panyu...Radical 29 There will be an increase in the LRR faction.etc. I have different comments on different choices, after all, everyone is different. I only remind everyone: Is your ultimate goal first?You can do it all well...It’s an ideal way to fit What is your ultimate goal?So I have always put the winnings in the money. (11) Must: Secondary calculations to avoid: recovering lost Every time (day) bet, win or lose, it counts. It is really not appropriate to divide the morning scene. Win the night game and win the game More than D is not necessarily bad, because the most loses Panyu, when you play it...But it is easy to develop a bad habit...10,000KRW Losing in the morning, it will be more difficult to suppress the urge to win in the tail...There will be more chances of making mistakes. (12) Must: Detailed / objective analysis is enough to avoid: blessing the soul / investing in feelings A lot of people who bet on football will only spend a little time doing pre-match analysis; as I share, before the game analyzes There are a few four aspects to consider. If you only consider three or four aspects, you will decide to place a bet. It is really risky. In addition, there are quite a few friends. Those who have a wave of openness and have their favorite team may be affected by the "brand-name team" effect. My personal opinion is: foot The ball is just a tool that will make me win. I should not invest in feelings. Like stocks, shouldn't there be feelings about the stocks you buy? However, it seems that many friends have made the mistake of "the favorite team" or "brand effect". (13) Must: Study by yourself to avoid: listening to newspapers/others Doing a detailed pre-match analysis is indeed a boring thing, and it takes a long time.., (I am used to seriousness. Field waves, often take two hours...)But there is a famous saying: 唔 hard work and point to the world?Hard work on my own research, The reward is absolutely your own, no one can take it away. Sometimes when it is often in the middle, it is a sense of success. The return of money. Nowadays information explosion, it is too easy to get the information of the ball, those in the newspaper / radio / TV, etc. The so-called famous...Eh...But the land is an ordinary person...I know a little bit about what I’m going to do. OnBut will the land have been suggested to buy one of them only because of one or two favorable factors?Again, those 乜乜 Competitions...Ten eight so-called famous artists participated...Often only one or two can win money...I can trust it again. Who?When a famous family buys a wave, it is a newspaper to do a radio station. If you extend to another matter, it is your own research experience. Should you share it with others?My attitude is negative. Because each People have methods or attitudes to buy waves. The experience of a research is a conclusion that has come through hard work. Why do you have to share it with others? EnjoySecond, you will be left, but if you win, you will be divided into d; you will blame you if you lose the left.The result is always for yourself There are benefits.., since it is good for you, do you have to do it? Therefore, the younger brother thinks that the most lun users in the world are those who only ask people to pay attention to the water/tips. Investigate, just want to get the benefits from nothing. (14) Must: dare to attack Avoid: timid The most bet I have is 3X1. One of the barriers is iron gall. The remaining two levels will buy two. Oh, of course, choose to buy two petals. In the course of the game, naturally, some odds are selected (for example: ~3.2 and customers ~3.2) (again: and ~ 3.6 and customers ~3.9). Of course, you will never choose low odds (for example: the Lord 9 and and ~3.3) (again For example: master ~1.7 and and ~3.2). Remember that people have two blind spots for betting? (1)Cold, dare to buy (2) lose left, want to win, want to win, indeed To break through these two blind spots...So after a detailed pre-match analysis, I came to the conclusion that the wave, the team with high odds (that is, a team that is bearish), if it is determined that it will not lose, it is beneficial to buy two of its petals. This is the first one to dare to attack. Meaning is also. In fact, a simple and simple proportion of ten counts: a lot of people can use a few hundred, they will win a few thousand (a moment when 10 times the profit Run it). In mathematics, how many thousand points can you win tens of thousands?Or tens of thousands to win hundreds of thousands?Or dozens How many million wins?Are they the same 10 times profit?Ignorance thinks that when the surplus goes to a certain extent, it does not If you change the LRR, you may be able to compare your bet with your monthly income/assets. In contrast, there is often a fear of fear and fear.Originally planned to buy $ 10000, change In order to buy $5000, the growth in earnings has slowed down. In order to overcome this kind of timidity, we must dare to attack. I will keep reminding myself: I believe in my pre-match analysis It is exhaustive and I believe that my betting strategy is effective. My current money has changed from "None" to the current surplus...Including Really have some fear?This is the second meaning of this point. (15) Must: eclipse successively Avoid: desperate This seems to be a cliché, and it seems that there is not much to tell. Actually not...When people used to have a certain degree When the surplus.But I lost some of it.At this time, I will fall into one of the blind spots, "Let’s lose the left and want to win."solitary The act of throwing is also the easiest to appear. For example, there are 100,000 surpluses and 70,000 in the case of losses. It will be easy to make a "big bet" because it is psychologically good to win "the money that I have won"...Really avoid This kind of treatment of rabbits!!!It is always more rational/reasonable to always use the method/mind of encroaching. (16) Must: Patience and patience avoid: rushing for money Whether it is a pre-match analysis or a post-match review..."Time is a must "Patience" is also a must Required.,.Winning money can't be rich overnight, and stable profit growth is a reasonable/savvy betting strategy. So definitely should not The gains and losses of two days a day affect the entire betting strategy / psychology. It is a reasonable time to plan in the half season or season. An urgent need for a fortune is of course a dead end.Being anxious to win money will definitely affect your mind/judgment. Even if you can ask for one or two times To the urgency Finally, it’s easy to lose all (17) Must: Record betting / post-game review Avoid: forgetting bets / passing the clouds A lot of friends buy horses or buy waves, and they will spend a lot of time doing "pre-match analysis" and ball games. In the middle of the road, Libo. But it may take very little time to do a post-match review. My habit is that I often do a post-match review. Of course, you may do every wave of the day, but at least you bet yourself. Have to do a review. When the bet is lost on the day, the post-match review can reveal the place where you made a mistake, so that it will not Have luck." Can you know that the competition is an analysis error before the game?Or is the betting strategy wrong?After examining the causes of the mistakes, The letter can be instructive for the next bet. I am also used to making a post-match review when the bet is profitable. Old saying There is a saying: "Winning arrogance." Zhongzheng 3X1, is it really true to yourself?Still have other reasons?No Superhuman is an arrogant animal...When you have a good time, the habit is to attribute credit to your own...But my experience Tell me, sometimes it is true that I win the money and do a good job before the game. Sometimes winning money is really luck...Such as an iron Bold in the stoppage time only to enter the wave to win 1:0, is that not luck?If the team can win, why do you need to make up for it? When I encounter the above situation, I will conclude that I have made a mistake (although I have won the money on the account). Can do a good job Post-review is already a difficult task (meaning relatively speaking for many bettors), but if you want to do better, you should bury it. Record Recording the waves that I have been betting on, I think there are three benefits: (A) a certain degree may be a reference for post-competition review; (B) Become a reference that constantly reminds you not to make mistakes in betting (C) When faced with a situation of loss for a period of time, it can be a boost to confidence. A lot of friends bought the wave and won the "Yi Wen also Wu"...Losing blame on people, shit, and words...But they Have you ever reflected on your own solution and lost?Will you make the same mistake at the next bet?Buy your own left Wild wave., next week or next month, I remember to sun...Is it a savvy/effective betting method?So my look Law, reviewing and recording bets after the game is an important part of the overall betting strategy. Don't underestimate. 18) Must: focus on attack Avoid: Sunrise Sunrise A person's time is limited, and it is impossible to spend 8 or 9 hours a day studying football. So choose the focus The attack day or event is a must. I personally will be friendly, World Cup qualifiers, European Cup qualifiers, major leagues The various cups of the tournament, etc., are not very involved in betting. So simple, the team’s interest in these cups is really in the middle of the game. People, otherwise it’s really hard to know the idea of ​​the place.., the only exception is the European Union and the European Union, these two cups, against the team It’s an important trophy, and few teams will despise it, so it’s easy to study the results. During the week, football matches can be bet almost every day. Although the cloud has money to win every day, but the actual It is also an opportunity to lose money every day. However, people's mentality is really special, there is a kind of thing called "heart addiction" is also!especially It is easier to buy "Heart" every day when there is a surplus or when it is going smoothly. I am really nervous about myself. What does it do with hair...It will only be concentrated on the two days of the weekend, and it will be studied in mid-week. It’s not that there are many leaves every day. In the other days, most of them are unfamiliar leagues; three are less choices; four have other things to do (for example) Shooting, playing the piano, listening to music, etc.), the chances of winning money are, why do you have to sleep every day? In the end, after a period of research, if there is no ideal research result, it is not suitable for betting. I myself "have a good hand", sometimes after a few hours of research, I will not bet. Because when I did research After that, I have no confidence in myself, and how can I convince myself to go betting?The best bet is to "one hit and hit the middle"! I am confident that I can hit, and why do I have to shoot?Leave D money to bet next time. Although wasting left and right, but If there is a way to win because of betting, what about brown?At this time, the most normal reaction of people is self-blame.However, In fact, it should be that I made a mistake before I did the game. If it is done before the game, the conclusion is that you have the confidence to convince yourself to vote. If you are concerned, will you buy it with confidence? Of course, I have encountered this situation myself. I will not blame myself for "spotting to bet". Instead, I have to remind myself before the game. Is there a problem with the analysis? (19) Must: Maneuvering Strategy Avoid: stubborn strategy (a) When there is always a high and low tide, when the time is high, the stone is made into gold. When it is black, the road is full of bricks.Building The same is true. Although there are detailed pre-match analysis, careful betting strategies, and stable betting psychology, they can all be "squatted". of When there is a row that is "squatting", it should be handled. AoS can be considered as a consideration. I bought three customs and bought two In the off, the risk is fine, that is, compared to the three customs, it is helpful to restore the confidence of betting (for the growth of the book also Helpful (b) Remember when I was betting with an LRR?I am 20 every time. But I have a lot of time, done No pre-match analysis will go to bet. Disguised, there is less chance of betting. So I used to put money on a bet DOUBLE. It seems to be the principle of "do not arbitrarily change the amount of each bet".Actually not. Because I have more money to bet, it is from a certain time when I don't bet. So the LRR is still 20. However, this situation should only be used when it is busy. In a weak time, it should not be used. (c) There are many things to do in addition to betting on football. If there is any annoyance in life, it should not Spend time on football. When will you see a brow wrinkle win? This is also the three meanings of the "mobile strategy". (20) Must: calm and calm Avoid: fear Betting on football is the ultimate goal of winning. In addition to the importance of left-handed money, there is actually one thing that is more important, that is, health. Excluding on-the-spot betting/going to the ground, etc., most people can't change anything after betting on football. I can't see it., How many more goals do you call two more teams? I used to buy horses. In addition to using a half-day period to do a pre-match analysis of the horse, the odds of the spot must also be taken into consideration. After the run, Zhongda won The heartbeat rises, the blood pressure rises, and the breath is short.The horse race is ten or two minutes...Field wave 90 minutesHow much load will it bring to the body? I know if everyone believes?I haven't watched live for more than two years. Because my purpose is to finally win, I don’t want to "snap my own way to win money"...Not used to it at the beginning...Still have to drive a computer, listen Look at the "VV" sound Later, even the computer's live results were opened...Look at the account balance again the next morning. But is this not the highest psychological realm of betting football?I think it is still not. I think the highest level is "doing Pre-match analysis should be done with great care, but after betting, it is best to bet when there is a bet." When we go to the case, we become a certain degree The mentality is to win and lose. It is good for your health, your spirit, or your next bet. I have not been able to go to this realm and I am still working hard, but I have tried it three times and it feels good. Sum up the feelings: Fourteen pre-match analysis and forty bets will be shared and I hope to be helpful to all of you. But the younger brother is already at 20 At the beginning of 2006, it is no longer necessary to use this method to win money.. After half a season of trials, I have found a near-winning vote. Note the method. (Practice to log in: registration to send 250 dollars.) At the beginning of the season, I divided the principal into: A: 100,000 timed betting in some way (the most conservative) B: 100,000 timed betting in a certain way (moderately aggressive) C: 100,000 timed betting in some way (aggressive) D: 100,000 times to bet in a certain way (big fog type) E: One hundred and fifty thousand bet on my usual wave method As of the beginning of January: A fund balance is approximately $622310 (approximately 6 times return) B fund balance is about: $1012100 (about 10 times return) (but has been paid 2 times for a total of 150,000, returned after profit) C fund balance is about: $1735568 (about 17 times return) (but has invested 3 times a total of 200,000, returned after profit) D fund balance is about $2947720 (about 29 times return) E fund balance is approximately $3839115 (approximately 2.5 times return) E's return is completely inferior to the others. Is it hard for me to solve the problem?Close the mountain, ., only use AB CD, the profit to the end of the season has also increased (at least in this season will be, the next season is unknown), I have to do pre-match analysis and After the game, review the time and enjoy life. As for the ABCD system wilderness betting method?Please forgive me, I have no intention to share Out My brothers and sisters think that I am old and old. But I can write out the key points of the lottery betting and read it out. What is surprising about the high return structure? Finally, I hope that the younger brother's sharing will be a little inspiring to my friends, so that there will be gains in betting on football.