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  1. Maori flag to fly along side the New Zealand Flag on Waitangi day — "government MPs such as Nationals Tau Henare refusing to comment on whether they personally supported the choice" (also there's a possessive error there with "Nationals" and Tau Henare can be wikilinked).
  2. New Zealand National Party leader, Don Brash, resigns
  3. Don Brash at Orewa: 'Whatever happened to personal responsibility?'
  4. New Zealand political party destroys leaked emails — Brash's emails
  5. Q and A with New Zealand Prime Minister hopeful (also belongs in Category:John Key, of course)
  6. New Zealand general election: National, Labour TV debate
  7. New Zealand National Party only wants immigrants of "bedrock values"
  8. NZ National party leader wants book based around his emails published
  9. John Key new leader of New Zealand National Party
  10. New Zealand Labour party drops in latest poll — Behind National
  11. "Corrupt" New Zealand government to repay $768,000 — One of the parties who had already pledged to refund
  12. Results to be announced in the New Zealand 2005 General Election
  13. Book written based on leaked political emails, NZ — Brash's emails
  14. White supremacist New Zealanders provoked by Sydney riots — Brash condemned them
  15. NZ Finance Minister introduces 2006 budget — Brash quoted
  16. Newspaper photos highlight New Zealand PM's husband's friendship with gay doctor — National was accused of involvement and denied it
  17. New Zealand's National Party's bill blocked
  18. Nick Smith responds to claims he is New Zealand's worst behaved politician — The supposed worst-behaved politicians were National members
  19. Poll: New Zealand Labour and Greens parties gain support — National was included in the poll
  20. Results of the 2005 New Zealand General Election
  21. Don Brash, ex-leader of New Zealand National Party, leaves politics
  22. Wellington airport denies National party advertisements
  23. New Zealand political party asks for names of schools under NZQA investigation
  24. Exclusive report on New Zealand's digital TV service — National spokesman quoted and a view of the party's mentioned
  25. Protesters march for free speech in New Zealand — A National MP is quoted, and speaks about National's views
  26. Exclusive video interview with New Zealand Opposition leader, John Key
  27. New Zealand Parliament reconvenes after election — National assumed power
  28. New Zealand's worst behaved politicians list released — National members on the list
  29. New Zealand Government to repeal Electoral Finance Act — A National-led government
  30. New Zealand police want more taser stun guns — A National MP is quoted
  31. New Zealand Green party rates other parties on climate change policies — Including National
  32. Row over NZ Police memo on issuing traffic tickets — A National Party official was quoted
  33. Poll: opposition leader advancing on New Zealand PM, Helen Clark
  34. New Zealand's alcohol purchasing age not to be raised — National MPs are quoted
  35. New Zealand government withdraws asset forfeiture bill — A National view on the issue is mentioned
  36. NZ Government passes bill to legalise controversial electioneering overspending — National opposed it and presented amendments
  37. New Zealand Government announces record surplus — National argued for tax cuts as a result
  38. Prisons in New Zealand to introduce mobile phone jamming technology — A National spokesperson was quoted
  39. John Key admits to visiting strip clubs
  40. Politician denies claims he smoked cannabis while ambassador — He was a National member
  41. Death sentences in 2008 Chinese tainted milk scandal — Key was quoted
  42. Former New Zealand politician, Don Brash, officially leaves politics — for real this time
  43. New Zealand ex-politician gives valedictory speech
  44. Don Brash gives third Orewa speech
  45. New Zealand marks Waitangi Day, 2006 — National policy was mentioned
  46. New Zealand National party rejects waterfront stadium
  47. NZ opposition leader admits to fundamentalist contacts
  48. New Zealand broadcasters to pay back National party's GST
  49. New Zealand National party pays back owed GST
  50. New Zealand prisoners do nothing says National party
  51. New Zealand newspaper poll projects majority for National Party
  52. New Zealand announces new Matariki public holiday — Mentions National didn't support creation of such a holiday in 2009
  53. New Zealand delays emissions trading scheme — Done by an incoming National government
  54. Australians and News Zealanders increasingly support shared currency — Key's views are mentioned
  55. 2006 New Zealand Maori Electoral Option — Brash quoted and National is mentioned by another politician quoted
  56. Free speech restricted in New Zealand with passing of Bill, say opponents — National's opposition was mentioned
  57. NZ law exempts working farm dogs from embedded ID tag rule — National MPs are mentioned as voting for
  58. Date announced for by-election to replace former New Zealand PM Clark — National list is mentioned
  59. New Zealand elects first female Speaker — A National MP ran
  60. TV3 banned from New Zealand Parliament for three days — A National MP's middle finger provoked this

And, perhaps:

  1. Queen approves New Zealand Governor-General's appointment — Brash quoted. Heavy Water (talk) 21:40, 10 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Holy heck! That's a lot of articles. And all of this stemmed from MGA nominating File:DonBrash.png for speedy. SVTCobra 21:56, 10 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Eh, if you think that's a lot, we also have to create a cat for the Australian Labor Party at some point. Imagine how many that'll involve. Heavy Water (talk) 05:54, 11 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]