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After the creation of Category:Federal government of the United States, I took a look at how else we can better manage this category. I propose the following subcategorization:

Thoughts? @SVTCobra, Pi zero: --DannyS712 (talk) 01:18, 15 October 2019 (UTC)

I'm worried that this is getting more and more complicated, which is the basic hazard that had made us hesitate to create these sorts of abstract subcategories. It's undesirable to make our category hierarchy at all complicated; it should be as simple as we can made it. --Pi zero (talk) 02:12, 15 October 2019 (UTC)
This is one of the most cluttered categories, but I think the first step ought to be creating Category:People from the United States which would immediately have a big impact. As for political parties and laws, I think it should be secondary, but the naming convention should be "X of the United States" ... In other words not Category:United States political parties but rather Category:Political parties of the United States. Cheers, --SVTCobra 02:31, 15 October 2019 (UTC)
You're talking about cluttering of the list of subcategories, which is a minor annoyance. That sort of cluttering is reduced by creating lots of subcategories. However, putting things into these categories is tremendously more complicated when there are a whole lot of subcategories and one has to go hunting for the right one. That's not exaggerating: it used to be dead simple to create these categories, and if we create these subcategories it'll be a mess. --Pi zero (talk) 02:45, 15 October 2019 (UTC)