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Hi there, thanks for reviewing. I'm fairly certain, based on the articles I used as references for my article, that the rejection occured this Wednesday 17, after the announcement of the vote on April 10. I could be wrong but I went to the recent news section on Al Jazeera as my starting point and this story had just broken. Thanks!

Ah, I see - I didn't realise what exactly happened on April 10. Thanks for your edits. Gryllida 13:31, 18 April 2013 (UTC)Reply

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Thanks very much for your comprehensive review, I will attempt to fix my mistakes where I have misinterpreted sources and will include links to other sources from which I got quotes. I really appreciate your help, I understand you must have spent a long time doing it. The other amendments were expected to be defeated by one of the sources, which was published very early after Obama's press conference, and other sources updated that to them having been defeated. I will however, double check that.

Review of revision 1880554 [Passed]