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Higher education-level student in communication and media. I participated in the creation of 6.54% of all articles in Category:North Korea. Email me at henry.vagner.nkdatabase AT gmail com. Please feel free to add any questions regarding North Korea or other subjects on my talk page.

Published articles:[edit]

'A very giant struggle': North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's warning of oncoming economic difficulties, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 2 December, 2021
Chinese police arrest escaped North Korean convict, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 1 December, 2021.
US, South Korean special envoys explore reopening talks with North Korea at Seoul meeting, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 26 October, 2021. Refocused by User:Xbspiro
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inaugurates the "Defence Development Exhibition 'Self-Defence-2021'", reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 12 October, 2021
Inter-Korean communication lines restored, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 6 October, 2021.
North Korea launches "early-stage" hypersonic missile, reviewed by User:LivelyRatification. 30 September, 2021. Retracted due to issues during the article's review.
China resumes deportation of refugees back to North Korea, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 26 July, 2021. Translated into Esperanto.
South Korean health authorities confirm first vaccination death, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 24 June, 2021
South Korean president expresses willingness to supply COVID-19 vaccines to North Korea, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 14 June, 2021
North Korean Research Institute for Nutrition Care of Children director slams UN's report on child malnutrition due to COVID-19, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 9 April, 2021.
North Korea tests two missiles, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 26 March, 2021.
Kim Yo Jong criticizes US-South Korean military drills, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 18 March, 2021.

Articles Published on other Wikinews projects:[edit]

Sometimes, articles don't make it past the review process here, but have been published in other languages.

Altos funcionários norte-coreanos ameaçam Estados Unidos e Coreia do Sul por causa de exercícios militares. 12 August, 2021. Published in Portugese

Minor Contributions:[edit]

Bomb techs erred in South Los Angeles explosion, says city police department chief, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 22 July, 2021
Georgian defense ministry announces return of military units from Afghanistan, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 1 July, 2021
Police reports indicate theft of automotive catalytic converters up across parts of US, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 21 June, 2021

Awards and Trophy Case:[edit]

Surreal Barnstar Award: received on 29 November, 2021.

Wikinews Intern 1-10 Trophy: received on 18 June, 2021.

Order of the Modest Pencil: received on 18 March, 2021.