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Design for an archives central landing page.


  • Shortcut WN:ARCHIVE could be switched to the central landing page, provided the policy page is readily found from there.
  • To suppress page title, use MediaWiki:Common.css. (Page-specific css may produce a flicker before it kicks in.)

Possible content.

  • Intro
  • Say something about the importance of a permanently free news archive.
  • Explain why they're fully protected and how to request changes. Refer to the policy page.
  • Corrections section.
  • Explain why they're important; distinction between corrections and updates; our policy of not hiding our mistakes when we discover them, but also not simply taking someone's word for it.
  • Curation tools.


  • ctreewikilisp recursive structure, where each structure is either the name of a category, or a list whose first element is the name of a category; second element is true or false indicating whether that branch is to be visibly expanded; third is either the empty list meaning it hasn't been expanded, a continuation string for further expansion, or the empty string meaning it has been fully expanded; and later elements are the known children of that category. A string node s naming a category is thus equivalent to (s false ()). The top level is a holder, with four children for topics, places, people, dates. All actions should explicitly pass ctree, to commit its current computed value.
  • active parameter expand-cat indicates that the named category should be further expanded. The state of the category can be extracted from the trees, either unexpanded partially-expanded or fully-expanded.
  • active parameter show-cat or hide-cat indicates a change of visibility of the expansion of the named category.
  • search-cat-one, search-cat-two, search-cat-three; search-invert-one, search-invert-two, search-invert-three — inputs on the search form.
  • search-show — whether to display the DPL.



The page-area subtemplates are

Top-level helper subtemplates are