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CommonsTicker is the notification mechanism for problematic Commons media files. Files on Commons that have license issues should either be corrected or linked to some alternate. A secondary intent of CommonsTicker is to increase sister-project-to-Commons communication. By the way, if you really hate the blinking talk to User:Bawolff and he'll change it. He just thought it'd be a good attention getter, as if something gets deleted that is very bad. The evil blinking also serves as inspiration to fix the problem. If you really hate it you can modify your user css, or your browser settings as well.

Status lines[edit]

Each entry has a status line to specify what's happening to resolve the issue. syntax is:

  • status=<blank> — default, nothing has happened yet.
  • status=done — the issue has been resolved.
  • status=local — the issue has been resolved by uploading the file locally to wikinews.
  • status=fixing — the issue is being worked on.
  • status=wontfix — We are unable to or have no intention of fixing the problem.
  • status=similiar — the image can't/will not be fixed, however its paticurler usage on that article has been changed to a similiar image.
  • status=NA — No negative consequences (this is optional). Will also hide pages where image is.

You can ask Wikinewsie Editor at Large or Eloquence, who are Commons admins, to restore deleted images from Commons for re-uploading them locally, if they meet the Wikinews:Fair use criteria. If they do not respond or are unavailable, you can also talk to the person who deleted it. Pfctdayelise (another admin) has also said that she'd be willing to help out with Commons ↔ Wikinews inter-project cooperation. Refresh

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