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August 6, 2022 17:12 UTC

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Soldier gets killed by bomb in Afghanistan

A Canadian soldier was just killed in Afghanistan by a bomb as he patrolled an area west of Kandahar on foot. He died around 1 pm in Panjwaii. One soldier was slightly hurt. Military officials have not yet released the name of the solider.
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A Sony laptop

Sony plans global replacement of laptop batteries

After several laptop producers recalled a total of about 7 million products containing Sony batteries, the Sony Corporation said it will "initiate a global replacement program... in order to address concern related to recent over-heating incidents."
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Snacks and fast food often contain an elevated level of trans fat.

New York City considers stricter regulations on trans fat

The Health Board of New York City on Tuesday presented a plan to ban trans fatty acids (or trans fat) from the eateries in the city. Snacks and fast food often contain an elevated level of trans fat, which has been linked to coronary heart disease. The plan would have serious implications for both fast food chains and restaurants.
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