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This is a collection of hints and tips from interested editors (not a policy or guideline.)

A short or brief is a news article of between two and ten sentences.

Even if only a single sentence, a good short will be complete: that is, it will mention the what, when, where, who, and why (importance) of the story.

As of 2008, in order to be published on English Wikinews, a short should feature in a compilation of at least two (preferably three or more) stories, entitled, Wikinews Shorts followed by the publication date.

Each 'short' should still have at least two sources.

If an article reaches three paragraphs, it can alternatively be published as a page on its own.

In either case, it should also pass peer review. Once you are satisfied with the page (a three-story compilation or a three-paragraph article,) replace any {{develop}} tag with {{review}}.